#4770 – and it goes a little something like this

there was apparently a big collision on route 32 today — a dump truck and a tractor trailer collided. we could see smoke from the accident from the office!

so, roller derby open-skate…

me: *sniff sniff* “is it just me, or does it smell like febreeze?”

cynicalscribe: *sniff sniff* “that smells like axe body spray.”

me: “huh. i got a ‘new-car-smell’ air freshener a few months ago, and my ol’ roommate was in my car and wondered why it smelled like axe.”

cynicalscribe: *something about things that smell like axe body spray cause panties to drop*

me: “you see, now i don’t know if you should try to stand far away from or close to my mini. …wait, that didn’t sound quite right.”

cynicalscribe and i pal it up and work on so much at practice and open skates together that she’s practically my derby wife, haha… i guess she’s just my derby mistress right now though, hahaha…

us derby folks (myself, yosemite slam, sex ed, harrison, virginia slim, otto erotic, textureslut, cynicalscribe, a ton of the night terrors and hannahchan) got called out at skateland not once but TWICE, and the first one was uncalled for! sure, there’s a bunch of little kids skating around, but they’re tearing the place up and we’re trying not to bowl them over while they’re on collision courses directly into us. there was at least one birthday party there tonight, but i don’t know why there were so many kids about… it was too much for just one party. at one point, the old man who takes tickets at the door got on the public address system to say “we have a lot of roller derby folks in the rink tonight, and there are a lot of little kids about. roller derby folks, please take extra caution and don’t go fast”, etc., etc. i could see why they would think that we were busting up little kids later on, though — otto erotic ended up in a slide during one of his turns and bowled into marzipain’s kid and they ended in a pile with the kid on top of otto. the old man got on the p.a. again to say to be mindful of the kids, but this kid was one of our own!

each time they have a girls-only skate and a guys-only skate, and during these times the folks who can’t skate will sometimes line up alongside the rink and give high-fives to the folks skating by. during the guys-only skate, the kids were cutting track and zipping completely perpendicular to the track flow so they could give high-fives. one kid skated straight into me — i had to physically grab him and steer him in front of me!

there was one kid about 10 years old (maybe – i’m a horrible judge of kids’ ages) who keeps asking if we want to race him, and 9 times out of 10 the answer is “no, i don’t want to race you.” well, i don’t know if he’ll ask again anytime soon — he got virginia slim to race him, and at one point there was some girl skating a bit slower. slim swerved to the left around the girl, and the kid tried to pass the girl on the right and tripped and flew into the narrow end of one of the cinderblock walls lining the side of the track. i saw him with a pack of ice up to his head and it looked like folks were calling his parents to come pick him up.

cynicalscribe and i worked a little bit on our whips and pushes — i gave her a whip, and she gave me a hip-whip and a slight push. it was funny when we were skating along and she was kind of guiding me along, it seemed like i was being aimed at other folks skating around the rink like some sort of weapon, haha.

tonight i had a frank zappa dinner — “black water” (coffee) + fried spaghetti. i improvised on the spaghetti… cooked some up and then fried it in butter, and it’s actually pretty good! added some garlic powder, and later added a little bit of tabasco in order to keep away cajun vampires add some flavor.

also, the word on the street is that harm city homicide and killer glennuine draft might be skating in their first-ever bout on september 8 at pioneer valley. (for some reason i keep thinking pioneer valley = pennsylvania, not massachusetts.) anyway, virginia slim said to me that we might be doing a 40-minute bout then, and if i’m not ready for bouting by then i could still come up to support the team — i told him that i think that i’ll be ready by then, which is good since it’s another person toward the 10+ folks we’d need for a 40-minute bout. it’s going to be interesting!

tomorrow evening i think i’ve got some art exhibit put on by (i think) my photojournalism instructor’s wife… at least, it’s someone with the same last name, and how many “bonfigli”s can there be in washington dc? i can’t remember if this is something i signed up for more info coincidentally, or if i’m getting this notice because of my instructor, heh.

also, i’m going to try to finish up work on my photography site, and then i can get cracking on the harm city homicide webpage.

saturday: ccrg & harm city practice, lambda chi alpha phi-delta zeta crab feast, dave hovan’s happy hour @ howl at the moon

sunday: roller derby bout! (but that means no open-skate! 🙁 )