#4768 – photogrargh

on the bad side, i went to update my fitzpatrick photos site with some new photos and some themed projects so i could submit my résumé to that guy from the baltimore sun tonight, and though the first photo appeared fine, all of the other ones were getting squished horizontally for some bizarre reason — whatever the title was above the image, the image itself would be squished horizontally to fit within a space that long. zenmetsu even took a look at my code and neither of us could figure out what was going on. i ended up removing a large chunk of the code for individual photo pages, and slowly added bits and pieces back in until i got it working without any other cruft. i say that this was “on the bad side” because it took me so much time tonight to get things working properly, i think i’m beyond the time i’m able to submit my résumé — i didn’t want to send it in unless i knew my site was working correctly. *kicks wordpress* i’m going to try to submit it tomorrow, but it’ll be ok if i can’t because all this work i’m doing helps prepare my portfolio for public display at least.

but on the good side (there’s me being optimistic, cynicalscribe, hee hee ;D), i’ve got my site fixed up, and i’m really liking the little layout modifications i did to get it looking nice. and now you can see what my “projects” section looks like and what’s in there! check it out! what do you think? i want to work on some more projects too, but i first need more room for editing photos. 😛

next thing to do: make a little writeup about me for the “about” section and/or create an entirely separate “about” page. i also want to figure out a way to pre-cache the images for the projects galleries so folks won’t have to wait for each new image to download.