#4765 – i fix things by breaking them more

remember a few weeks ago when i hit a raccoon with my mini and put a big dent in the front of my car? i fixed it a week or so ago by hitting something else, haha… the plastic trim popped off from one side of the car, and that gave me enough leverage to pop the dent out with my bare hands and put the trim back into place — if you aren’t looking for the damage, you won’t really see it, and that’s fine by me.

i tried getting on to flickr earlier so i could download some images to update my fitzpatrickphotos site with, but the internet was going horribly slow at the ol’ homestead. figures it’d start working properly when i was getting ready to leave. i managed to download a selection of photos once i got to the apartment, but i’ll have to update the site tomorrow just before i send off my résumé. at least i’ve got an all-day training on writing business emails tomorrow (although i think i’ve taken this class before), so it’s a good day to slack off even though i have to be at work 30 minutes earlier than usual. at least i get out 30 minutes earlier too.