#4764 – going postal

yesterday and today our phone queue was getting all blowed up at work and at first we couldn’t figure out why. turned out the us postal service (one of our biggest contracts, so big that employees of the postal service get even better discounts than regular ol’ federal employees) ran a column in their employee newsletter detailing how to sign up for the personal-liability employee discount for each of the cellphone carriers, and gave our 800-number to call.

i guess that a lot of postal service employees didn’t have their discount, and instead of going through any online method of signing up (i don’t know even if there is an online method, or if there were just tons and tons of postal employees that had no idea they get a discount or what), they figured that they’d call in to get their discount.

things got so crazy that we were having 20 or so calls in queue with the longest call on hold consistently waiting 5 to 8 minutes before getting assistance, and our service level was down to 25 or 30 (meaning only 25 or 30% of calls were being assisted within 30 seconds or less — for reference, the service level target is between 70 to 85%), even with the internet response team helping out on the phones. i’m not even on the 800-line team and i was plopped on the phones within 10 minutes of arriving at work yesterday. so yeah, things have been crazy at work yesterday and today. other than the excitement about the phone queue going postal (ha!) i felt really bored at work today and couldn’t really get into my regular stuff once i finished working on a big rework.