#4761 – breakaway

motored up to putty hill skateland for the free open skate that ccrg had going on from 4:30 to 6:30 — i got there just before 5 and there were a dozen or so roller girls there, as well as various spouses / boyfriends / kids / refs and one roller boy (me!). i didn’t really do much other than just work on my skating and crossovers (no falls or funky moves or anything like that), but i did work on my derby stance a bit.

at one point while i was practicing my derby stance and skating around the track, penaltyna decided she’d try to booty-block me and prevent me from passing her. it’s easy enough to just say “screw it” and put up with getting booty-blocked, but then i tried my best to pass her and managed to sneak on by during one of the turns and she was pleased with my passing skills. i didn’t even do anything illegal (as far as i know — at least, i know i didn’t ram her from behind as i did when when mibbs was blocking me yesterday) when passing her, either! *chuffed*

the laces for my left skate broke when i was putting my skates on, though. i’ll have to get a new pair of laces before next week’s practice if i can… they’re usable, but another break and they’ll be unusable. 😛