#4758 – pivoting

who has two thumbs and woke up in time to go to derby practice this morning? this guy! the power was out when i woke up, though. drove up to baltimore and we worked on falls (left knee, right knee and all-fours), acting as pivot, acting as jammer, team communication, whips, pushes and tons and tons of blocks. some of the things we did:

  • have 1 person as jammer and the other people as blockers, but only the pivot (the person in charge of the blockers during that jam, for you non-derby folks) could look back to see where the jammer was coming from and would tell the blockers where to go to stop the jammer. it was more to work on communication than to sneak through as jammer, though. when i was jammer, sex ed was pivot and he would tell his blockers “smash” and that was their cue to come together and smash me in between, haha.
  • have 2 people block (one pivot, one blocker) and 1 jammer, but this time both people blocking could look, and this time the jammer could go as hard as they wanted to to get past.
  • have 4 blockers (3 for one team, and 1 offensive blocker who’s in cahoots with the jammer), with the jammer trying to get through the pack and the offensive blocker trying to help clear a hole for their jammer.
  • pair up and practice side-checks and blocks.

    i think i did decent as pivot in that first drill, but it was pretty hard to pass mibbs breaking ribs and bob gnarly as a jammer, but that’s to be expected when going up against someone used to being a pivot. the best was during the one with the blocker in cahoots, i was trying as a blocker to close up gaps that i saw open up to prevent either bob gnarly or virginia slim from sneaking through, and as they were about to pass me i tried to slide on over to cut them off. sex ed saw me start to move over, and since we were on the same “team” at that point he gave me a tremendous push to help me block and i went flying sideways into the jammer. it was pretty funny because i anticipated him doing that as soon as i saw him start to reach for me and pretty effective… and it was a legal move for him to do that to me, too, since you can do pretty much whatever to your own teammates, haha.

    at one point, mibbs had sex ed hold her gum for her so she could do a drill or something, and complained when he gave it back to her all salty with sweat. the man had niagra falls coming out from under his helmet (seriously, it was raining when he squeezed his helmet to his head, gross), so of course he’s going to make your gum all sweaty! then later while we did our final stretches someone commented how they didn’t want to get their “junk” on the ground since the surface of this outdoor hockey court was pretty hot. sex ed commented how if his junk was hanging out of his shorts then it would look like he sat in some bubblegum, and then we riffed on that and how he made mibbs’ gum salty and probably put mibbs off of chewing gum for the rest of her life, hahahaha. essie x and mibbs agreed that the girls are a lot more dirty than the guys at practice, though.