#4756 – 40 oz in my lap and it's freezing my balls

so, what have i been up to the last few days? well, i’ll tell you:

tuesday, july 3 we had a cookout at work. you could probably tell that from my previous picture-post. the upper management served the food while we got to eat. they had these “uncle-sam” 4th of july hats on the tables, and since nobody was doing anything with them i figured i might as well put one on (hence the photo post). still, nobody did anything with the hats, so i kept the hat for myself and wore it around the office that day. after work i picked up my laptop and some clothes from the apartment and then went to the house to take care of the cats. while at the house i was able to put all that work i had done on my own photo page to good use and apply what i had learned about wordpress to make an entirely new section on the metrocollective site for news/random blog posts — the metrocollective folks had been wanting a newsblog for a while, but i hadn’t done much with the actual behind-the-scenes mechanics of wordpress until i started fiddling around with my own site. now i’ve got the hang of things much more.

i was also pretty productive with a bunch of other stuff — i emailed black dahlia about her request for roller derby action photos for blood & thunder magazine so i could find out more details, sent my cover letter and résumé to cynicalscribe for review, sent an email to alli catraz about doing photography at the eastern regionals tournament and sent an email to my academic advisor saying how i sent my transcript in months ago but i still hadn’t found out anything about what classes will transfer and what won’t.

on the 4th of july i stopped off at the grocery store and picked up stuff to make some ambrosia salad. fixed that up, sat it in the refrigerator for a few hours and poked around on the internet and through my music videos for a few hours. i remember watching the music video for andrew wk’s “party hard” and thinking it would have been hilarious to have the high school band audition scene from “back to the future” with “i’m sorry, you’re just too loud.” at the end of the music video, hahaha. i couldn’t find that clip on youtube while i was waiting, though. i also remember watching a zz top music video or two while i was waiting. (this is important. this means something… later.)

i went out to a 4th of july cookout at blind banshee’s girlfriend’s mom’s house while the mom was out of town. it’s in glen burnie at this place that’s right on the water and it has its own really small beach and pier. it was a pretty good cookout with all sorts of food and fun things to do — folks were swimming in the water, getting their eat on, playing card games, watching roller derby video of the first bout of this season, getting rained on and sat around talking. there were a bunch of folks there, including: blind banshee, mibbs breaking ribs, minerva vavoom, dirty marty, rolling blackout, the mexican fury, nasty trick, sister midnight, dr. skabs, marzipain, pixie rocket, slap tackle pop and several other derby and non-derby folks and relatives. mibbs was disappointed that i was the only derby boy who showed up since harm city homicide was invited and she said she’d have to make it tough on the rest of the team at practice, hahaha.

the radio station at the party did a commercial for a zz top concert which got dirty marty all excited that they were still around. that’s deja vu #1.

my ambrosia salad was a big hit (i’m very pleased about that since it’s the first time i’ve tried making it) and it prompted someone to mention how they also like watergate salad… but what’s in watergate salad?

dirty marty: “break-ins! tape recorders! g. gordon liddy!!”

me:the missing 18 minutes!

dirty marty: “OOH! good one!”

later on, fightscrime and otto erotic showed up to party, and soon after that other folks left to go see fireworks in baltimore.

it rained off and on with occasional thunder and lightning, and occasionally the neighbors in the area would shoot off fireworks that we could just barely see above the trees. as it grew darker we saw more and more neighbors shooting off fireworks. i kept trying to decide if i should go back to annapolis to try to see the city’s fireworks downtown by myself or if i should stay at the party with folks and be sociable. eventually i figured that they might cancel the ones in annapolis because of the rain, but later on we were able to see an actual professional fireworks demonstration far across the water and beyond the trees on the other shore.

the neighbors next door had taken a boat out on the water with all the folks at their party to go see the “black-market fireworks displays” (as we called them) that people were shooting off in their backyards. when they were getting ready to leave, they must have been waiting for one last person to leave the house since they kept honking the boat’s horn to get their attention, and this was the most pathetic horn-honking ever. eventually after seeing the fireworks they returned and we (fightscrime, otto erotic and myself) heard someone ask for 3 volunteers. we wondered what in the world they were up to until we saw them set up three buckets of sand at the end of their pier so they could shoot fireworks up themselves. some of their party took the boat out into the water a bit so they could watch the fireworks from the boat, while the rest of their party stayed up on the land and watched it from there. the first firework they lit almost blew up the pier:

*guy lights firework*

firework: *FZZ!!!* (sparks come flying out the back of the rocket, but it doesn’t go anywhere)

firework: *sparks stop*

us: “maybe it’s a dud?”

firework: *KABOOM!* (while still on the pier!)

later, they shot off something that shot up a shower of sparks, but it wasn’t anything super-spectacular. someone from their boat booed, we laughed at the boo, and then one of the guys lighting the fireworks shined his flashlight at us and said “no laughing!”, hahaha. at one point i stopped inside to get something, and one of the girls that blind banshee and her girlfriend take care of was watching “back to the future”, and it was exactly at the scene i was trying to find earlier in the day with the band audition. weird! deja vu #2!

yesterday at work was super-slow and boring. it didn’t help that i had to stay an extra hour to make up for the flex time i used on monday, but it wasn’t that bad. one of my coworkers thought i had a fever or something because i seemed to be staying to do overtime, but i told her no, i’m just making up time. i picked up my roller derby stuff at the apartment (my stickers arrived in the mail! i’ll have to take a photo.) and headed up to dundalk for open-skate. unfortunately i had missed one of my wristguards when packing up my roller derby stuff, so i couldn’t work on falls or do anything crazy while practicing. it was still pretty good practice though. at the end of open-skate they did the slow-dance couples-optional skate and i jokingly complained to cynicalscribe that i was disappointed that they didn’t do the cha-cha slide, and then shortly after i joked that the old man who takes people’s tickets as they enter got on the microphone and said “some of you are disappointed that we didn’t do the cha-cha slide tonight. it takes time to set up, and we didn’t have time tonight. however, come back next week and we’ll be sure to do the cha-cha slide for you.” i was worried that he was doing it because of my joking complaint, but sex ed said that he actually complained that they didn’t do the cha-cha slide so i guess it’s all because of him, hahahaha.

i stopped off at home for dinner and watched “mickey blue eyes” on tv while getting my eat on before coming back to the apartment around 12:30ish.

today was also pretty boring at work, not much special happening today. i heard the best lyric in the world though:

“40 oz in my lap and it’s freezing my balls”

the lyrics got me looking up details on things such as 8 balls (pretty funny to read on an anti-meth site… though i think it’s more in the context of a 40 of OE than something else), 40s (did you know you can’t get 40s in florida?), wikipedia = teh win (rofl “edward nalgenehands” rofl rofl), photos of miller genuine draft and the miller brewery and other mgd-related stuff.

(…they just said on tv “let’s go back to jim and jim in the booth”, and it made me think of this. :P)

anyway, from there i started reading about the miller brewery tour (if i went i’d probably try to get a free case of beer like in “strange brew”, though. :P), and that got me thinking about what jobs they have available (not that i’d be applying, since the closest brewery is in north carolina). ANYWAY, check out what one of the benefits for working for the brewery is:

Gratis Beer

At Miller, we love our great-tasting beers! Our employees receive three free cases of beer per month to enjoy responsibly with friends and neighbors. In addition, employees receive another free case during the month of December and a free case during the month of their birthday.

sweet! i’ve got just under a month to get a job with miller if i want a free case of beer for my birthday! …actually, they do have one position open in maryland. hrmmmmmm……

and since i’ve done all this talking about beer, here’s another song about beer by the asylum street spankers. i originally heard this song on WRNR years and years ago, and WRNR is great since they play stuff you don’t really hear on the radio (i mean, today i heard them play “birdhouse in your soul” by they might be giants, and i can’t even remember the last time i heard a they might be giants song on the radio that wasn’t part of a dunkin’ donuts commercial or something).

anyway, speaking of beer, if you want it cheap then go to howl at the moon in baltimore tomorrow and drop my name at the door to get in free from 5:30 – 8 pm. no cover and first two drinks are $1 each. i’ll probably be going at least for a while, but i don’t know how long i’ll be there since i’ll probably end up on free street parking, so we’ll see how it goes.

time to clean some cat poops and get to sleep for practice in the morning! BETTER NOT OVERSLEEP – THIS MEANS YOU, GLENN FITZPATRICK.