#4749 – chance the mini finds a friend

hooray! i finally found a plugin for wordpress that does EXACTLY what i want! thanks to yet another photoblog, i give it an image file to upload, it makes a thumbnail for the main page per my specification, and uses the full-sized original on the actual individual image post’s page. yay! no more using one full-sized image and having the browser constrain it to fit the page (sometimes not even done very well depending on the browser involved). nope, now when i tell it to make a thumbnail, it actually makes a thumbnail!

NOW i can finally start getting posts up the way i wanted… but not tonight. it was pretty intense for a while though because every new solution i found brought me just that much closer to doing exactly what i wanted, heh. but then i found the “yet another photoblog” plugin and my troubles were solved!

tomorrow evening i’m going to spend the night back in annapolis with the cats, and then i don’t know what i’m going to be doing quite yet for the 4th of july until early afternoon when i’m going to be having a cookout with a bunch of roller girls and other derby-types. i’ve got different things i could do before then including drive in a parade or two, but i have no idea what things i’ll end up doing. i guess i’ll have to make a list or something.

so, yesterday’s open skate was pretty fun, if not a bit annoying due to skateland making things difficult to skate. shortly after i got there, they started flickering ALL of the lights around the rink (not just the ones on the rink itself) in time with the music. that made putting skates on a bit difficult. then, most of the lights were dimmed… that wouldn’t have been such a problem except the sun was setting, and the angle of the sun through the windows at the end of the rink was reflecting off of the floor and into your eyes as you skated towards the windows. then when you made your turn, the lights were turned so far low that it was next to impossible to see where you were going because you were still blinded by science the sunlight. virginia slim tried helping me out a bit with my stance and swerving/blocking, but it was pretty tough to hear him since he talks a bit quietly at times and the music was pretty loud. still, it was a good skating session — otto erotic totally jumped a kid who took a spill in front of him, cynicalscribe and i attempted the “20 laps in 5 minutes” requirement (i did 24 or 25), the dj busted out some old-school rap and i broke it down to “the breaks” and “rapper’s delight” (back when i took “running and jogging” as one of my phys-ed credits at umbc, the coach said that if you weren’t able to maintain a conversation while running then you weren’t managing your breathing properly, so i rapped it out during those songs to keep my lung capacity up).

afterwards we derby-types chatted it up in the parking lot, and someone (blind banshee? i can’t remember her derby name) and i geeked out over mini coopers since she used to have one but had to get a sport-utility vehicle instead. cynicalscribe always says “it’s like a cult”, but i think this today was perfect:

"Chance", my MINI, found a friend!

chance the mini found a friend at target in the parking lot today. 😀 mine (i accidentally wrote “minie”, bahaha) is a cooper s and has the supercharger and bonnet scoop, while the one on the left there is just a regular cooper, but other than that they look about the same! same color scheme and bonnet stripes, at least!