#4746 – the cat whisperer

so the family is away camping for this week, and i get to come home and take care of the cats and bring the mail and newspapers in. i also get to steal foodstuffs while i’m here (hey, might as well, if i’m going to be here then i’m going to get my eat on). i finished roller derby open-skate tonight and then drove back to the family’s place in annapolis to shower, find something to eat, and take care of the cats. i just finished everything i planned to do other than get the litterboxes cleaned, so i stood up and looked at gadget the cat and said “ok! let’s get rid of this poop!”, and the way i said it and the way the cat looked back at me just made me bust out laughing.

i’ll have to talk about the actual open-skate later, but for now i’ve got poop to eradicate.