#4745 – wiki wiki wiki

i did some poking around today at the jobs that cynicalscribe linked me to, and when i found my résumé on my computer i realized that it was a year or three out of date. i also happened to find a few different versions of my résumé floating around on my computer, so i figured i might as well start consolidating stuff on my glennwiki.

i created the glennwiki a few months back just so i could keep some stuff about me like this in one central place and so i could keep track of any changes i made to it. it’s also all password-protected and locked up to keep prying eyes out, foolios. i hadn’t yet added anything to it, but this was a good place to start. now i’ve got my entire work history all in one place, and it’s easy to add more stuff to as i learn new things and work at new places. and, since it’s all in my glennwiki, should i ever need to remove something, i can always revert back to a previous version and see what i had!

a bonus is that it makes it easy to generate a printable version!

unfortunately, since i’ve got everything in here, the printable version is 3 to 5 pages long or so when your résumé should only be 1 or 2 at the most. but at least it’s a good thing to be able to refer to when making my résumé — i’ll only need to copy and paste stuff from it as needed!

now to figure out a cover letter for these jobs…