#4743 – layouted!

FINALLY. i’ve got my fitzpatrick photos site doing layouts like it should! my only regret is that i wasn’t able to figure out how i could get the site to have two images per post — one “small” one for the index page, and another full-sized one for the detail page. yeah, i know it’s bad since it’s just the browser resizing the exact same images, but look on the bright side — at least folks won’t have to wait for the detail images to load on the detail pages! haha

still, i think it’s pretty good since i had never really fooled with cascading style sheets much before (i would modify them up, but now i think i learned a lot about them), and got a small grasp on php scripting with wordpress (for example: i couldn’t figure out why the date with the title on the detail pages would be on its own line by itself, separate from the title, while on the index page it had everything next to each other in sequence. i poked around at it but couldn’t figure out why it was doing that, especially when the wordpress code and the css layout code should have been the same on both pages. so, i figured that the date didn’t need to be included with the image detail, so i scripted it out of the single-post pages!).

now i’m going to go off to bed so i can rollerskate tomorrow (yay!). but i’m real excited that the layout is now complete since now i can fix up the posts i already have up and start getting new pictures and content up when i have a chance.