#4740 – JOZXYQK

i just love having weird dreams — case in point, i was trying to find my writeup about when i went to new york city and had lunch with john lennon (i was reminiscing about the sub sandwich i had since that was seriously the best sub ever) and came across this post. i mean, how neat is that? it’s not every day you get to play dominoes with the red stripe beer ambassador!

anyway, what brings up this post about dreams? well, i think i’m getting very into derby when, in the space between being asleep and being fully awake, i start thinking of derby / derby-related folks. for instance: for some reason, the other day, i woke up and the first thing i thought of was plantastic hitting my alarm clock with a dill pickle. i have no idea why she’d be hitting my alarm clock with a dill pickle, but that’s the first thing i thought of when i woke up. this morning it was buzz kill threatening me to wake up otherwise i’d have to see her at the unemployment office she works at. i don’t even know what in the world she does for a living, but why in the world would i think “i’d better get up or buzz kill will be angry with me for having to go to the unemployment office”! what’s next? coach ballbricker waking me up by singing “clang clang clang went the trolley”?!? actually, come to think of it, she has a little resemblance to judy garland in that photo. huh. maybe i don’t need to start taking acid to keep myself sane, then.

i found out there’s a scrabble game available for download on my phone, so now i spend my lunch break eating and playing scrabble, hence my previous post today, haha… i was playing it again on my computer after open-skate, but i didn’t do as well as i did today while playing it on my phone. i got letters pretty similar to “JOZXYQK”:

cynicalscribe linked me to a journalism jobs site in my post from yesterday, and the jobs she linked me to seem exactly what i’m looking for! time to hurry up and get my photography site figured out a bit more and then look into these new jobs!

i mentioned to her today at open-skate that i hadn’t been on in almost a year — it seems that each time i’d go on, i guess it flags your account as being active, and i almost always soon get a call from someone at cingular at&t asking if i’d like to manage one of their stores. seriously, that happened more than once after poking around some job postings. the last time it happened was actually pretty funny, and though i’ve mentioned it on here months and months ago, it can do with another mention!

so last summer, sk8bette, venusglitz and lissylulu had a “pirate party” before i was arriving in louisiana — apparently folks dressed up as pirates, sang pirate songs, drank rum, and basically did stuff that pirates would do. one result of the pirate party was a mix cd with piratey songs on it.

on my drive down to louisiana, i figured that i’d try out the vz navigator option on my phone — sit the phone on the seat next to me, plug an earpiece in, and the phone would tell me through the earpiece when to make turns on to different roads. unfortunately, there were two problems:

  • if someone called the phone, it wouldn’t ring in the headset, but rather only on the phone itself
  • if the phone itself was ringing, i wouldn’t be able to hear it since i was listening to all sorts of music in the car at all sorts of volumes

    so, i figured i’d set the phone to auto-answer, and i’d check it every so often to see if anybody called.

    this worked fine on the way down to louisiana, but on the way back i had a copy of the pirate-party mix cd with me. i bet you can start to see where this is going…

    i was on my way back home listening to this song (yes, i know they say “if you love to sail the seas” instead of “if you have self-esteem”, it’s an in joke), and things went kind of like this…


    me: *glance at phone* “…holy crap i’ve been on a call for the last 30 seconds! i don’t recognize the number, but it’s from maryland…”

    me: *calls the last number*

    guy: “uhh…. …. … hello?”

    me: “uh… … … …hi? i… uh… just got a call from this number…?”

    guy: “uh… … yeah. are you… uh… glenn fitzpatrick?”

    me: “uh… yeahhh?”

    guy: “uh… well… this is… uh… john smith with cingular wireless? uh… we saw your resume online at and, uh, were wondering if you’d want to manage one of our stores?”

    me: “uh… … … …no thanks?”

    guy: *relieved* “ok, then, thank you!” *click*

    yeah, that was awkward.

    speaking of pirate-stuff, listening to that song today reminded me of “the pirate movie” (trailer). on one hand my thought process was “hm, maybe i should see it again sometime… gilbert and sullivan with a modern twist can’t be that bad”, but then i remembered, yeah, it can be that bad. not to mention the last time i got nostalgic and rented it i was dragged out of my house and locked outside after the movie by the likes of zenmetsu, bruno_boy, and stueypark, among others. i guess they gave it two thumbs way down.

    open-skate tonight was pretty excellent. i’m feeling super-confident now. i’m not looking forward to jumping while skating, but i got my stops down, did a little bit of toe-stop running, and cynicalscribe gave me a whip (not so bad for a first whip — we whipped it good!), and a push (which was more of a “ok, i feel myself slowing down a little bit” when she grabbed my hips to prepare for the push, then “ok, now i’m speeding up!” followed by a “well, there go my legs faster than the rest of me” and the subsequent fall on my ass, hahaha). she and i also speculated on whether or not harm city homicide should slap each other on the asses like baseball players do, but we agreed that there’d have to be reason for ass-slapping, you can’t just slap a guy’s ass for no good reason!

    i did a lot of sprints and high-speed skating since there were only a dozen or so kids there so the rink was wide open for the most part. well, except when the kids would try to do a whip with 6-8 people… at first it pissed us off since it was taking up the whole side of the rink, but then we started having fun with it — otto erotic skated under the arms of two of the kids holding hands for the whip and caused them to shriek, and i would either be skating along with the kids getting ready to do a whip accelerating towards me from behind and they’d have to call off the whip or else crash into me, or i’d zip alongside them while they were getting ready to release the whip and all chaos would break loose in their whip, bahahaha. other folks who were there: yosemite slam, a new guy (“harrison”, i believe) who came out to one or two skates before, and hannahchan.

    i got a little bit of rink-burn on my middle finger of my right hand — there was a piece of paper on the rink, and so on one of my passes i reached down and scooped it up and my finger hit the floor a little bit in the process. it was just a piece of trash that someone had written a phone number on. the funny thing was that the phone number had the area code “444”… i didn’t recognize that area code (seeing as i work with phone numbers and all), and apparently it doesn’t exist, hah.

    anyway, i should roll off to bed now. no skating tomorrow, going to have me an off-day between today’s open-skate and saturday’s practice with ccrg!