#4733 – i don't want to know what i'm going to dream about tonight

so last night was the bikini bakesale. i showed up wearing a hawaiian grass skirt (over my swimtrunks) and the accompanying hawaiian luau accessories. the party started out with fightscrime, otto erotic, stone cold jane austen, dirty marty, and a few other folks. there were naughty confectioneries aplenty, and textureslut treated me to a chocolate cake shot — i quoted bill cosby’s “chocolate cake for breakfast” skit and he said “oh, you’re quoting bill cosby? so it’s going to be THAT kind of party, huh?”, bahahaha…

the night started out innocently enough (exhibits a and b), but soon there was justice feelgood marshall on dirty marty action (exhibits c and d), hahahaha.

after boozing it up there for a while, the party migrated a few blocks over to virginia slim’s for the bikini bakesale afterparty. it was pretty funny getting introduced to non-derby folks that i’ve never met before as “killer glennuine draft” and have these guys i’ve never met say “hey killer, you can have my seat if you want” and offer me their chair, bahahaha. i taught these folks how to do the “east-west” high-five hand-jive that bruno_boy and myself do, and they showed me the “top gun” high-five sequence, hahaha. had a beer there, but later got sleepy and made my way back to the apartment sometime between 2 and 3.

today i woke up around 11:30 am and then worked on my photography website some before going to spoothed‘s boardgames and bbq party. had some eats and a beer or two there, played some scrabble and generally hung out for a while before going to get virginia slim and go to sunday evening open-skate.

(also, ever since jazzometer‘s birthday party, i’ve so been in the mood for playing more scrabble.)

anyway, after i picked slim up, we were about 3/4 of the way to skateland from his place in baltimore when he started getting calls from otto erotic and mibbs breakin’ ribs and yosemite slam to say that apparently skateland closed up today and there was no open-skate. we rode back to slim’s place, and once we decided against an outdoor skating practice, he, otto erotic and myself ended up going to a bar around the corner from his place and had a few pitchers of beer and talked about derby plans and ideas. later on, fightscrime showed up and hung out with us, and we then made our way down to her place to chill with the mystery cat and the strobelight chair and party it up there. after being there about an hour or two i figured it was time to come back to the apartment again.

when we were at the bar, the bartender fixed up a pot of coffee right in front of me and the smell made me craving some breakfasty foods. as soon as i got back to the apartment i had to fix myself some eggs, bacon, toast and coffee. it was the best idea ever to have a late-night breakfast, but now after those beers i had earlier and the breakfast and coffee i am so full and awake and i just know i’m going to have funky dreams tonight. i had a funky dream last night too, but that wasn’t too bad — all i remember was that some lady tried to give me a bad haircut and wanted me to pay for the horrible cut she was giving me, so i ran out from her barbershop/salon and tried to get away without paying for my haircut. i guess that means i need to make a stop at the beatnik barbershop sometime and get my hair cut fo’ realz.