#4731 – takin' it to the streets

zenmetsu: ugh, this whole process is going to be disgustingly tight

me: sounds like my dates

me: ZING

zenmetsu: womp womp

oh, it never gets old, does it? hahaha…

general douchebaggery by a commercial landlord in silver spring leads to citizen activism. check the links, there’s some good reading in there. know your rights, folks; july 4 is independence day.

also: noooo! 🙁

cynicalscribe and i skated at supreme sports this evening. i got there around 7:40 or so and i didn’t realize that there’s two entrances — one for the skating rink (open to the public), and one for the actual gym (members and guests only). guess which one i went into first? i went up to the desk and showed my drivers’ license (signs at the desk said no admittance without photo id), and the conversation went something like this:

clerk: “so, what’s your membership number?”

me: “uhh, i don’t have one, i’m here with a friend.”

clerk: *looking past me and seeing nobody there* “well, where’s your friend?”

me: “uh, she’s already here.”

clerk: “can you call her? she has to be here to guest-pass you in.”

me: (what in the world? i thought anybody could come on in…) “no, i don’t have her number…”

clerk: “well, what’s her name?”

me: “carrie.”

clerk: “what’s her last name?”

me: “uhh… i don’t know.”

clerk: *rolls eyes and grabs the public-address mic* “carrie, come to the front desk.”

~~ a few minutes later ~~

clerk: “where is your friend at?”

me: “at the skating rink.”

clerk: “oh! i’m sorry, they won’t hear that announcement down there and i didn’t see your skates earlier. that entrance is outside and down the stairs.”

skating wasn’t too bad except for tons of kids about, although i did an awesome 360 turn when this one kid darted on the rink right in front of me — i threw out my right arm in front of me in a sort of kung-fu move while i tried to do a quick swerve out of the way. i ended up spinning completely around and almost lost my balance and fell except i managed to hoist myself on to my toe-stops and save the day. hooray confidence-builder!

i realized that i skated yesterday (thursday), today, tomorrow is outdoor practice (should be nice weather), and sunday is open skate. 4 days of rollerskating in a row! derby derby derby derby indeed.

and now, in the interest of equal time, here’s a segment on my butt.

so my ass isn’t really hurting me much anymore from that fall when i attempted a jump on skates. no word yet on bruising.

today at the rink i worked on my derby stance some more, and i think i’ve pretty much got it down — now the big part is working on my thigh muscles like a part-time job so i can support the stance for extended periods of time.

the other day when i was getting ready for work, on a hunch i looked at my pants in the mirror… yep, i was starting to wear a hole in the butt of my khaki pants that i usually wear to work. this means that you can never say that i don’t work my ass off, because that hole is definite proof.

and speaking of working my ass off, i had a conversation mini-argument conversation discussion with my parents about when i’m going to be graduating. mom was reading in the newspaper that one of feisty_fitz‘s high school classmates graduated and mentioned our cousin elizabeth graduating. public service announcement: want me to get real annoyed at you? ask me when it is i’m graduating, and get upset when i tell you “i don’t know”. i can’t take classes full-time and work full-time, and i can’t take classes at all over this summer since i’m a) working on paying off the statistics class i’ll need to retake and the journalism class that i dropped because it and the professor were batshit insane, b) my schedule is pretty crazy this summer anyway, and c) i’m still trying to figure out (when i get time to figure out) how i’ll be getting credit for my internship with metro collective. other than that, i’m taking the classes i know i need to take because i sent my transcript in months ago and don’t know what classes transferred from umbc, and i need my advisor to let me know what the scoop is about that. ugh, i’m sick of school. but then again, what does it matter how long it’s taking when my work is paying for the classes i need to take, with me paying only for classes i don’t get at least a “C” in or classes i withdraw from. but yeah, it’s like magic — at any family event i’ll be asked “oh, when are you graduating?” sigh. it wouldn’t bother me so much except my answer is always the same: “i don’t know.”

in any case, it’s time for some z’s. i need to get my outdoor wheels put on my skates, but i think i’ll hold off on that until tomorrow morning at practice.