#4730 – my ass hurts

man, i am way overdue for a recap; i’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks. here’s some of the fun:

wednesday, june 13

stueypark and i went to the o’s game. i went straight there from work, and with all this rain coming down i ended up getting stuck in traffic along the way to the light rail station. the rain helped me out somewhat, though — the game was delayed a bit because of the rain, but we still missed out on a little bit of the beginning. it was free “replica orioles cap” night (dad said “what, does that mean that you only get a replica of a cap and not a real cap?” when we saw the commercial on tv). we shouted “LUNCH!” instead of “CHARGE!” when they played the “charge” music (it’s a long story), and i shouted myself hoarse because the o’s came from behind to tie it up in the 9th inning, but we ended up losing it in the 11th. some homeless guy tried getting me to give him my replica cap as we were leaving the game.

thursday, june 14

OPEN SKATE WITH NEW SKATES FOR THE FIRST TIME YAY YAY YAY. it was SO much better than rentals. no skates zipping out from underneath me, it was almost like they were glued to the track.

friday, june 15

after work i drove on home to annapolis and took anne to sk8zone in crofton; it was 15-and-under night (or 16-and-under night), so you could only get in if you had a paying kid with you. the scene: a bunch of bored-looking parents sitting around, a rink filled with all these crazy kids zipping around, and me in my pads and gear. it was tough too because on the ceiling over the turns were these discoesque lights that projected on the floor — you’d go around a turn, trying to practice your crossovers, and the light on the floor was moving at the same rate and direction that you were going so it didn’t appear at all like you were moving! add in a bunch of kids zipping around and you feeling like you’re not moving when you actually are and it’s dizzying. 😛

saturday, june 16

left annapolis to go to outdoor practice for harm city homicide, but got a late start and arrived about 30 minutes after practice would have begun. unfortunately, the other guys were kicked out of the place we were planning on practicing, and they didn’t have my cell # to call me to let me know they were migrating somewhere else. it kind of worked out, though — i still had to do some father’s day shopping and run some errands (yay, new windshield wipers!). i saw kasei21 working at best buy while i was in line to exchange a memory card mom had me buy for her (i had bought the wrong one and realized it as soon as i got in the car), but didn’t get a chance to say hi.

finally got home at 5:30 pm, and it was going to take me 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to the fur brawl up in philadelphia. zipped up 95 and got there exactly at 8 pm (even had a moment of nervousness when my phone directed me a different way there than when i had gone up for the east coast extravaganza). i still had plenty of time to get in, find a spot to sit and photograph, and wait for the bout to start. i saw king taco there (from flickr — we had met at the east coast extravaganza) and talked some about photography and derby. he’s now with the hell city hooligans, except they’re not wftda (they’re osda, “old school derby association”, so they’ve got funky rules and gameplay styles). let me put it another way, baseball fans: osda is to the national league, while wftda is to the american league.

the bout itself was exciting, there was a lot of good play. even a leg-whip involved! and a dog crapping on the rink! afterwards i went to get myself a cheesesteak at pat’s. funny, apparently the crowd is heaviest at geno’s during the day, and at pat’s during the night. i still was able to find a parking space right in front of geno’s at 11 pm, while the last time i was there was in the middle of the afternoon and i had to park down the street and around the corner. the phillies game had just gotten out, and the line for ordering stretched around the entire building, so i talked baseball with the middle-aged couple from detroit ahead of me and the two guys my age who were in front of them.

afterwards i tried to find a gas station — finding an open gas station in philadelphia at midnight on a saturday night is tough. i found one or two that were closed up, and eventually (after my phone’s navigation tried convincing me that an overpass and a strip club were both gas stations) found one with nothing else around but a few strip clubs. since this hess station was the only thing open, that place was jumping with folks all over, filling up and hanging out.

finally got back at about 3 am and crashed around 3:30 – 4 am.

sunday, june 17

woke up at around 8:30 and drove up to baltimore for the today show taping. no photos for you until it airs! word on the street is that it’s going to be on tv on july 17, so mark your calendar! cynicalscribe, greyplanet and i were pretty much the only “audience” for the taping, but that didn’t stop us from doing the wave and laughing when coach ballbricker would cuss while the camera was rolling.

afterwards, cynicalscribe, howie swerve, virginia slim, steak knife and myself went to denny’s for brunch. that denny’s menu is full of roller derby names! (ROFL ROFL ROFL) later, jazzometer and greyplanet showed up, and then i had to run off to the apartment to get my charger for my camera’s battery and take a quick shower and change clothes since i was still in the same stuff i was wearing up in philadelphia the night before. i came back to skateland and got in for free (it’s nice being on the list of press/media!) and picked up a ccrg league t-shirt for wearing at future events. this also was an exciting bout with some great plays and lots of intense derby-drama.

after the bout was the afterparty down the street; i told some of the rollergirls about my derby name at the afterparty and they approved and thought it was excellent. after the afterparty was the afterparty’s afterparty (also known as “johnny zebra’s birthday”) at frasier’s in hampden. that finished up and i finally got back after getting stuck in construction traffic, and fell asleep around 3:30 am.

monday, june 18

since it was still jazzometer‘s birthday, plantastic put together a party at their place for him since he got snatch for his birthday. other folks were there: hannahchan, fightscrime, textureslut, jules burn, greyplanet,grlwithcamera, lala_lisa, and maybe one or two other folks i can’t remember at this time. scrabble was busted out and it was some good times.

tuesday, june 19

a T-1 line was down at work, so that’s why we couldn’t really make outgoing calls, and the billing system for the east coast went down, and all this time we had all these customers calling in like crazy. i figured i didn’t want to do this the next day, so i took wednesday off.

wednesday, june 20

edited photos and got my pictures from the fur brawl and sunday’s bout up on flickr. washed the mini. went to the pool. it was a nice relaxing day.


work was speedy, and then after work i changed my wheels back to my indoor wheels on my skates (can’t wait to get a dedicated pair of indoor skates and use these as my outdoor skates), and went up to skateland. not a big turnout tonight: myself, yosemite slam, cynicalscribe, sizzle-leen, and i believe hannahchan‘s friend jen(?). i attempted to practice a jump, and i got the jumping part done fine, but it’s the coming down bit that’s a bitch. hopefully i’ll have my first bruise! haha. also practiced my controlled falls and some quick turns.

some great quotes and the gist of some conversations from the past week or so:

  • “so, which is better? pat’s? or geno’s?”
  • “pat’s. geno’s looks like it belongs in times square, not at 9th and passyunk! but i haven’t really had any desire to eat at geno’s. if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”
  • “razzdango! now there’s a great derby name for you!”
  • “but what would be my schtick?”
  • “what wouldn’t be your schtick??”
  • “wait, ‘homicide‘ had theme music? all i remember was a bunch of fast cuts!”
  • “it’s like a dirge in my mouth, and everyone’s invited!”
  • “know what would be a great derby name? ‘dirge diggler‘!”
  • “did you just say that was ‘bob barker hot’??” (after hearing something that didn’t sound at all like ‘bob barker hot’)
  • “i’m going to work that like a part time job!”
  • “so when i was in elementary school, i had a crush on this one girl in my class… my friends tried to get me to talk to her, and they ended up shoving me from behind on the playground, and as i fell i grabbed her ass by accident. she grabbed me and marched me across the playground and pushed me up against a fence after that.”
  • “wow… and now you’re into roller derby and hanging out with roller derby girls.”
  • “yeah. you know, that actually explains a lot!”
  • “i just came up with an awesome derby name: ‘TONY DANZIG’!”
  • “wow! you, sir, hit that one out of the park! ‘who’s the boss?’ …..SATAN!”
  • “c’mon and eat my meat! well, actually, it’s really hannah’s meat…”
  • hannah: “…i feel really awkward right about now.”
  • “your new nickname is ‘snatch poacher’!”

    good times. this weekend: barbecue! bikini bake sale! maybe going to howl at the moon for a happy hour (depending on how crunk i get at the bikini bake sale and how i’m attired at the time)! then the bikini bake sale afterparty! ccrg coaching session on sunday! cookout at spoothed‘s! outdoor skating practice!

    and i should get ready to get to sleep.