#4624 – quickie

man, i almost need a day or two off of work just to catch up on stuff since i do so much stuff on the weekends that i don’t have time to get them done. wake up at 8, work 9 am – 6 pm, get to the apartment and change and then go do stuff from 7 pm until late.

once i got back from jazzometer‘s birthday party tonight, i trimmed down the photos i took of sunday’s roller derby bout — i made some interesting discoveries during this last bout, photography technique-wise:

  • ISO 1600 in skateland actually looks pretty decent for being ISO 1600. normally i see something shot with ISO 1600 on my camera and i want to barf, but i did a lot of shooting this past weekend at 1/80, f/4 and ISO 1600 and things came out pretty decent i must say.
  • when i first got my flash, i was just using regular ol’ AA batteries in it, but then i started buying the “titanium” AA batteries that are designed to provide more power at a faster rate for electronic devices like cameras and flashes and stuff like that. i used both AA and the “titanium” batteries on sunday, and i realized that though the batteries provide more power, it’s actually worse because they provide so much power that the flash itself starts to overheat and it takes longer and longer to recycle the flash between shots. this is good because i can use the cheaper AA batteries instead of the more expensive “titanium” ones.

    i just finished importing the photos of sunday’s match and did a quick weeding-out of the not-so-great photos: 544 photos taken of the actual bout and afterparty, and i was able to trim that down to 199 photos to edit. i know there’s a bunch of great ones that i’ve taken in the past, but while i was looking through the ones from sunday i found a lot that i think i totally hit out of the park, that’s how neat they look. plus, it helps that i’m starting to get the hang of skateland’s light-eating properties and have figured out a way of getting the settings for photos so that even when i end up taking a photo now while the flash is recycling, the photo itself might still be usable.

    i’ve also got the photos from philadelphia and sunday morning to edit as well. those should be up over the next few days.