#4618 – i think i've decided on a name

i think there’s three important pieces of a roller derby “persona”:

  • name
  • tagline / catchphrase
  • number

    now, it helps if it’s a beat-em-up name, but it doesn’t have to be. you need to have a good tagline / catchphrase for the announcers to have fun with. and of course, you need a number (and having one that fits with your name is even better).

    the problem with most of the names i’ve thought up so far is that they satisfy two out of three of these criteria. “teddy bruiseivelt” had all three (name, “bully!”/”rough rider”, #26), but the others made some of these difficult (“the snallygaster”, “balance the budget”(?!), #93 octane?).

    “pat slayjack” is good, but again, how does it fit these three criteria? or “rutherford b. slays”? or “millard killmore”? etc, etc, etc.

    the problem with some other ones is that they weren’t very alter-ego-y. “glennuine draft” is clever and i already use it elsewhere, but i already use it elsewhere. that, and it wasn’t very beat-em-up-y.

    but now i think i’ve got one that works!


  • the “killer” part replaces “miller” in “miller genuine draft” and adds beat-em-up status! plus, i can be called “killer” for short, and “killer” fits with the whole homicide bit of “harm city homicide”. it also makes it a bit more alter-ego-y than just “glennuine draft”.
  • i can now use phrases such as “IT’S KILLER TIME” or “I’M GONNA POUND BACK SOME COLD ONES” or say that it’s now “UNHAPPY HOUR”.
  • possible numbers: 6-pack, 6 oz, 12 oz, 40 oz, 21, 4.7% ABV

    plus, it’s already got popular acceptance from htothem, jazzometer, and others!