#4614 – on a scale from 1 to 10

work today was alright. it was pretty boring for the most part, but i got to leave 30 minutes early to go photograph the government symposium (for most of it i took photos of people with a cardboard cut-out of george w. bush — i used one of my cameras tethered to my laptop, and would print out the photos on a photo printer i was borrowing from one of my fraternity brothers). boatloads of money were made, but i was paid in advance and already used it to buy my roller derby gear and pay some bills. i’m getting paid overtime for it too, since it’s a work-related event — that money will come later in the month. but it’s always nice to get some free eats (which i didn’t really get to eat since i was busy working with the photography), watch a free show (“capitol steps” put on a really funny performance), and get a beer on the company’s tab.

then i went home and YAY SKATES YAY YAY YAY got my skates, elbow/knee pads, and other assorted gear that arrived today. so exciting! i tried it on at the house, and again with the helmet and wrist guards at the apartment. on a scale from 1 to 10, i look awesome in this getup, hahaha!

on the way back to the apartment i thought of yet another derby name: “clint beastwood”. awesome derby names, we need to stop meeting like this! how will i ever decide!?!?

i’m supposed to take anne to skatezone on friday. i don’t know about this now because apparently on fridays it’s 16-and-under (folks over 16 need to have a paying child in order to get in). that means lots of kids underfoot. or underskate, whichever you prefer. wednesdays are apparently “pizza pig-out wednesdays” — from 6 to 9 pm your $4 admission includes “all-u-can-eat” pizza. HMMM.

stueypark and i were thinking of going to the o’s game tomorrow. i’ll have to check with him to see if that’s still on.

and mr. wizard died?! 🙁