#4612 – fun with derby names

well, jazzometer says he’s heard tell of someone already named “teddy bruiseivelt”. just for kicks, bruno_boy and i tried thinking up other presidential names the other day:

me: i thought of a few other names for fun recently too

me: and today i was thinking of other u.s. presidents i could make names of, like how i thought up “teddy bruiseivelt”, and i came up with “groveland cleaver” instead of “grover cleveland”

me: hahaha

bruno_boy: if you were a blocker, your name could be “Mission Impassable”

me: haha

bruno_boy: ooh, another presidential name could be “James K. Poke-in-the-Eye”

me: hahaha

me: “james mad-ison”

me: i’m looking at a list of the us presidents to figure out other names now

me: hehe

bruno_boy: “F.D.ARR”

me: hahahaha

me: i like that one

me: “millard killmore”

me: “rutherford b. slays”

bruno_boy: “Jimmy Carver”

me: ooh, that’s a good one too

bruno_boy: “Ronald Rage-On”

me: “chester asswhuppin’ arthur”

bruno_boy: “George Bushwhack”

me: “William McSinley”

i haven’t checked the database for any of these, though, so who knows if any are taken.

heh, i wonder if there’s an “al capowned”…

yosemite slam mentioned this to me at the practice last night and i forgot to post about it! he pointed out a sticker for the rat city rollergirls and mentioned how they’re in a commercial: