#4607 – one piece at a time

my helmet and wrist guards arrived today 😀 i also got two stickers for sin city skates, two buttons (one for sin city skates, another for roller-con), and a pamphlet or two titled “roller skates 101: know your boots… know your skates”. the packing slip had a note in it that i should expect two more packages (i’m supposing that one of those will be my skates arriving on tuesday, and the other will be the elbow- and knee-pads, mouthguard, wheels, and other assorted tools) — hopefully the rest of the stuff arrive in the mail tomorrow!

mom was funny tonight — she told me that if i stay with roller derby, participate, and don’t get myself killed, she’ll give me $50 after the first match. bahahahahahahaha, easy money! as if i needed more incentive…

but yay, helmet! now i’ve got someplace to put my “real men love rollergirls” and harm city homicide stickers!