#4599 – what's new, pussycat?

yesterday i went to saturday-morning roller derby practice — this was the first one that that charm city roller girls said would be a-ok for harm city homicide to join in on, so i motored up from annapolis (i stayed the night at home instead of going back to the apartment on friday night and then driving up from there). i woke up a little later than i would have liked, had to go buy some moleskin since mine was back at the apartment, and then got stuck in traffic due to construction beyond the toll plaza into the harbor tunnel. i couldn’t really work on group-skating stuff much since the two or three pairs of rental skates i tried out each had the two front wheels on the right skate perpetually wanting to turn to the left — it wouldn’t really be such a problem (i mean, all you do is turn to the left), but in this instance my left foot wanted to go forward, and my right foot only wanted to go into my left foot. since i had to keep concentrating on just trying to get my feet to go in a straight line, antoinette worked with me on improving my derby posture (which mostly involved sticking my butt out more).

afterwards i came back to the apartment and had some lunch while i watched friday’s episode of “last of the summer wine”… it was particularly appropriate and amusing since the episode involved roller skating and the theme “it’s never too late to skate”, ahaha. dropped off the form for a pool pass at the apartment office, but i didn’t get a chance to check on the status of zenmetsu‘s and my apartment application since there was only one lady working there and she was on her way out to show an apartment to a potential tenant.

went back to annapolis and stueypark came over for a bit, and after he left i had some dinner before heading out. pap-pap called my phone while i was having dinner, and it was kind of odd — it sounded like he was trying to call my cousin or aunt and uncle (i guess i’m right next to them in his phone directory) and sounded kind of out of it, and when i passed the phone to mom to talk to him while i was eating he said how he wasn’t feeling well. mom asked if she should try to get an ambulance, and he said no. it was a little bit unsettling the way he sounded, so mom called aunt monica to let her know that pap-pap tried to call her and got me instead and so aunt monica could go see how he was doing.

the tom jones 40oz party wasn’t starting until 10 pm, so i went up to baltimore to go see jenna at howl at the moon — i had won a happy hour there for the night, but since i knew i wouldn’t be there long i didn’t advertise the happy-hour to other folks. i showed up in my tom jones outfit and the ladies were all over me (even more so than usual, haha)… i got there just before 8 pm and was only there for about 2 hours and this is what happened:

  • kinda busted-looking girl with a bachelorette party wanted me to take my shirt off and flex muscles, so i told her we’d see what happened after i had my beer since i had only just arrived and was more intent on getting my beer on before my free beer ran out at 8 pm
  • kinda busted-looking girl then wanted a photo of her grabbing my ass for the bachelorette party, so i obliged
  • a much better-looking girl wanted to grab my ass and her friends wanted to take photos, and then we had to repeat it later when more of her friends wanted photos
  • two or three different folks recognized me from my previous escapades and two of the piano players dropped by to say hi
  • much-better-looking girl then wanted to feed me a cherry while her friends took pictures
  • much-better-looking girl then had whipped cream on her chest from her jello-shot syringe for me to lick up
  • after all this and a lot of dancing with the much-better-looking girl, she was pretty tipsy and she and her friends left the bar
  • busted-looking girl came over to inform me that i should buy her a drink and my response was basically “no.” before i left to go talk with jenna at the entrance before going in search of a 40oz beer

    jenna suggested i go to this place underneath the baltimore comedy club, and though i doubted that they’d be selling 40oz beers in the package goods section of a downtown bar i figured it couldn’t hurt to try. i had also saw on my phone that there was some liquor store on baltimore street (yes, right in the middle of all the strip clubs), but it turned out my phone had lied to me since i did not see a single liquor store on The Block. at least, there weren’t any that i’d ever want to set foot in.

    when i approached The Block some guy complimented me on my shirt (hilarious, since it had a collar i probably could have used to go hang-gliding with, so i guess it fit right in). i thought he was just being nice until i got to baltimore street and every strip club i passed had folks outside trying to usher me in and every single one wanted to compliment me on my shirt. 😛

    (you know, harm city homicide totally needs a big ol’ dude as a blocker to be named “The Block”. TOTALLY.)

    so i got to the place where i was told to try to get my beer and the lady at the counter asked if i was lost when i got to the front of the line. 😛 she said they didn’t sell 40s, and i said that i didn’t think they would but that it couldn’t hurt to try anyways and then went back off to my car.

    i used vz navigator on my phone to find another liquor store near to where the party would be at, and this must have been the seediest liquor store in the world (i parked my car, got out, and this old man on the street corner told me to run straight to the liquor store and back for my own safety, even though it wasn’t far at all!). when you’re in a liquor store, ordering through bulletproof glass, and there’s a 3-to-1 ratio of photos on the wall of robbers who have been caught trying to rob the place versus actual customers in the store, you know you’re not in the best of places. i got my 40 of MGD and skeedaddled.

    the party itself was fun (photos, photos, photos, and more photos!), and there were a few good tom joneses there — antoinette, johnny zebra, and the joseph grey and english steve all were great tom joneses, while folks like carrie and heatherjean and hannah came up with some good tom-jones-related outfits. somehow a thong from someone’s outfit ended up on my head and stayed there the rest of the night. i think that any night you leave a party with a panty on your head is a good party night. i got back to the apartment and fell asleep around 4 am.

    my alarm went off at 8 am for the mini cooper run across some covered bridges in maryland, but since i had only had 4 hours of sleep and since it was supposed to rain for most of today i wasn’t exactly thrilled about going, so i stayed in bed and slept until 1. got up, took a shower, admired the bruise on my right knee (acquired before i got my pads) and tried to get my pool pass and check on the status of the application but either the apartment office closed for the day or they were out showing an apartment to a prospective tenant. came back in, watched the baseball game, did laundry, cleaned some stuff out of my room, watched “rocky”, and generally poked around online.

    tomorrow is “quality day” at work, we’re getting some perquisites for achieving the highest quality scores we’ve ever achieved, so we can show up in casual clothes (yes to jeans and sneakers, but it’s still a no to t-shirts), and according to the email flyer that was sent out, we’re going to have:

  • “TRIVIA’S”
  • “CAKE!!! CAKE!!!”
  • “Prizes”
  • “FUN”

    and besides, there’s a picture of a creepy-cake in the flier:

    now i’m going to have nightmares about flying cakes with arms. 😛

    i know my grammar isn’t exactly the best (and i don’t really care so much in my lj journal writings), but the stuff i churn out for work is much better than what other folks in my department do, in my opinion (and in your opinion too, if you actually saw what some other people type up). i think the correspondences i’ve seen some people in my department send out at work to customers have totally killed my dreams of ever finding someplace to work with folks who know how to spell and write and use technology well.

    plus, it doesn’t help that i’ve had to do a lot of training recently online for wide area workflow, a department of defense method of receiving invoices and making payments… that sounds simple and easy enough, but the training is mindboggling so now i know less about the system than i did when i began training on how to use it. it also doesn’t help that it practically writes amusing emails i send to my coworker pals:

    —–Original Message—–

    From: Fitzpatrick, Glenn

    Sent: Friday, May 25, 2007 5:39 PM

    To: Gilbert, Karrie

    Cc: Fulcher, Benjamin; Lee, Kendrick

    Subject: Re: found this while training on a gov’t website…


    overall, though, it was a pretty decent weekend. now to see tomorrow about getting paid upfront for my photoshoot at work on the 12th.