#4597 – go go inspector gadget

wouldn’t it be awesome to mount something like this to a roller derby player’s helmet? hm? hm?

and why is it that my mom is buying stuff from thinkgeek before i’ve ever placed an order from there? to be fair, a digital picture frame she bought the other day from target died within the week, so she took it back and asked me where i’d buy something like that, and thinkgeek was the first place that came to mind. she’s buying two of them now, the second one is going to be a not-so-secret father’s day present for dad — she asked him if he’d enjoy a digital picture frame and he immediately said “yes”, so she cancelled her original order and placed a new order for two of the same frame, and now she’s all excited that she’s going to be able to get a swingline red stapler with the geek-points she’s getting.

mom: “and then i can return one of the frames once i get the stapler and keep the stapler!”

me: “they’d probably make you return the stapler too.”

mom: “i’ll just tell them that somebody stole it!”

me: “and then you burned down the office!”

i bought roller derby pads, a mouthguard and racquetballs today at modell’s — my ol’ friend dan from dematha was working there in a managerial-capacity and rang me up at the register, and i cracked up when he asked if the pads were for roller derby. it’s almost as if who doesn’t know what i’m going to be doing, hahaha.

on the way back home i was driving by 1430 WNAV and thought about how it’s part-owned by pat sajak, and then i thought that “pat slayjack” would make a kickass derby name. not for me, though, but i should start making a list of neat name ideas for future reference or suggestions.