#4596 – right on the coccyx!

busy day today:

after i got off of work at 6 pm, i stopped off at the apartment before going to the open skate at skateland; i was there from 7:30pm to 9:45pm. i used the speed skates this time which was better ankle-wise (i had also put some moleskine on my ankle too), but the wheels were squirrely since one of the skates had a bunch of gum and gunk on the left-side of each of the four wheels, and this made the skate very slippery and difficult to skate around with. i’d do crossovers and one leg was going where i wanted it to go, and the other leg wanted to wheel about all by itself. fell twice, once on my tail (right on the coccyx!) and once on my side, and both of those falls were at about the same place on the rink.

i still can’t wait to get my gear. falling without pads is annoying.

after i left, i drove over to see parker host her karaoke over in canton. i hadn’t seen her in about 2 or 3 weeks, so it was nice to see her again. there were only a handful of people doing karaoke, and after looking through the booklet forever parker approved of me doing “hey ya!” by outkast to warm up with (which went awesome) and then “girl all the bad guys want” by bowling for soup (which didn’t go so awesome). she showed me this new tattoo she’s getting across the right side of her midriff, apparently for free — as long as she keeps giving the tattoo artist free haircuts, he’ll give her free tattoos, she said. i think she and i should hang out again sometime.

drove back to the apartment and got here around 12:30 am. i had to fix up some of the blisters from skating, but i didn’t want to do that if i was going to stay dirty and i wanted a shower anyways after all that skating, so i got the soundtrack to “rocky” from itunes and did 50 sit-ups and 15 push-ups before hopping in the shower and fixing up my blisters. skating + karaoke + a beer + sit-ups / push-ups = exhausted.

itunes tricked me, though. they’re still having problems with so many people downloading/upgrading to the higher bitrate songs — i told it to buy the higher-bitrate version of the soundtrack, but it got the lower-bitrate protected version instead. the album costs the same, but i want my 256kbps! i sent a message to apple’s customer service about the issue so that i don’t get charged if they have me re-download it to get the one i want.

so on saturday i have the opportunity to go to the first charm city roller girls / harm city homicide joint practice. i don’t have my gear, though, so i can’t skate. maybe what i’ll do is go there and do some jogging around the perimeter of the track while i observe the drills to see what’s what. if i don’t do that, then i’ll probably go to this skating rink in crofton where there’s an open-skate sort of thing from 11am-11pm. then again, that’ll probably have a bunch of little kids and birthday parties. hm. i also want to get my car washed on saturday if i can, too. saturday is shaping up to be a busy day!