#4592 – earning my keep

the guy from the pennysaver said he couldn’t pay me, and i told him that the lowest that i could go would be $50 a page. it doesn’t sound like i’m going to be paid, and by extension it doesn’t sound like i’m going to be published in the pennysaver. oh well.

i was able to take off of work for both the roller derby east-coast regionals in august and the nationals in september so i can go as a photographer and take photos for textureslut‘s roller derby match recaps.

speaking of roller derby photography, i dropped off my two rolls of tri-x and one roll of color film for developing; most of those shots will be of the last roller derby match. this might be a good, neat idea — take digital/film photos at the bout, get the digital ones up after a few days, and then i can work on the film photos and get those uploaded while waiting for the next month’s bout.

and speaking of roller derby, the good ladies of the charm city roller girls said 35 to 4 that they were in favor of letting the guys from harm city homicide get their skate on at their saturday-morning endurance practices/skirmishes. woo! now all i need is a pair of skates and the other assorted gear. c’mon june 12/15! i’m going to be doing a photoshoot for work on the 12th and i’ll be able to use that money to get my stuff, and if it takes a while for it to get into my bank account then i can use my paycheck on the 15th. something called “rent” is keeping me from getting it right away, boo hiss.

i’m doing some editing on the metrocollective website tonight — the good news is that this helps me learn a little bit about php, the bad news is i look at some of the stuff the designer did and i’m all “WHYYY ARE YOU DOING IT THIS WAY WHYYYYY!” i think the pages that are up already would work better as “pages” and not as blog entries. i’ll have to fiddle around some and see how i might be able to improve it, and if i can’t then i’ll send him an email to see what he thinks about my idea for fixing it up so it’ll work better for the group.