#4587 – i came to eat wheaties and practice crossovers…

…and i’m all out of wheaties.

so tonight i went to open skate at the dundalk skateland, and i was a lot more confident this time around — there wasn’t as much “woooahhh!! woah woah woah!!!” this time, haha. i still flail around a bit when i start to lose my balance (but who doesn’t?), and i have this vision of me flailing around and clocking someone in the chin, haha. i can’t wait to get my pads and whatnot so i can practice my falls. i also fell on my ass once, except i didn’t fall on my ass – i stumbled forward and landed on my knees. i would have liked to wait to have my gear before falling, but it can’t be helped. i’m not looking forward to the first time i fall and land on my wheels, though.

textureslut pretty much confirmed the other day that yes, we’re going to be having our bout against the “new york shock exchange” in october, so we should eat our wheaties and practice our crossovers. i realized at one point that when i would take turns that i was taking them pretty sloppily, so i watched the way some folks were doing crossovers (your legs kind of cris-cross back and forth across your x-axis as you make the turn), and then i magically did one!

i also sustained my first roller-derby injury! some of you were taking bets on what my first injury would be. well, it’s… the ankle!


we were joking that the rental skates came with built-in razorblades, or that they doubled as meatgrinders, and it seems at least partially right. this is the inside of my right ankle. i didn’t even notice it (other than it hurting a bit… stupid rental skates) until i took the skate off and saw the sock. since when did i become the curt schilling of roller derby??

the foot itself isn’t that bad:

at least, it’s better than what happened the last time to my feet (don’t look here if you don’t want to lose your lunch) since i could barely hobble around after that, but it’s no fair, i was wearing shoes skates this time! and double-no-fair, now i’ve got the liberty bell march / intro to “monty python’s flying circus” stuck in my head! i had to put that song on while i was cleaning the injury, and then my computer thought it was a comedian by playing “walk idiot walk” by the hives right after it. 😛

i’ll tell you what, though. i think i hurt more from watching this video, bahahaha (and it’s MST3k-quality material!):

at least now i know how to skate safely! and that i shouldn’t wear my rollerskates in places with signs that say “NO ROLLER SKATES”! and other chucklearious stuff that was in that movie!

i’ll have to check the time-off calendar at work, but i might be going to ohio in august for the eastern regional tournament in a photographer-like capacity.

so, the photography / metro collective meeting today:

i was running a few minutes late (but i beat two of the other three people there, so that’s good), and this guy from greenpeace wanted to stop me with “do you have a minute to care about the environment?” and i glared at him and said “NO.”, bahahaha… i’m not down with captain planet! bahaha

apparently my ex-photojournalism instructor (michael) called hector (one of the other photographers) to remind him about the meeting since he was late, and he called him up and asked “do you know what time it is?”… apparently hector said “don’t you have a watch?” and/or “uh… howdy-doody time??”, bahahahaha…

michael was telling me how i could help him out doing photography at the weddings he shoots and help with some of the post-production — he gets busy around the peak wedding season time (which is real soon now) but needs some assistance with the editing and such. so, that’s neat, and i’d get paid for stuff like that. it would be more money for working on a saturday or sunday than i’d make by doing overtime at work, so i’m all about that. he said that maybe down the road if he trusts me enough with my editing skillz that he might take the shots and have me edit the photos up in his style, but first we’ll have to see how i work with his photography style before we do that.

but we all talked about new things to add to the metro collective site (a newsblog, some new features, etc. etc.). they’re going to get me the login and password for the site so i can poke around before we start adding things. we might get something of mine up on the site there as well, which would be pretty neat. we’re going to have another meeting in a few weeks.

the today show is coming in about 2 or 3 weeks to videotape the rollergirls and the derby the next day. when i told michael about that he said that i had better email the producer of the segment to let them know i’ve got some still photos that they might be interested in and i had better blind-carbon-copy (i almost typed “bling-carbon-copy”, hahaha!) him on my email or he’ll be upset, haha.