#4585 – your friendly neighborhood globalglenn

Oboe pt. 2

not bad for making my own “studio” and taking the photo within about 5 minutes…

so i spent tonight reading through posts and journals of all sorts of folks derby-related — it was pretty funny how i’m able to recognize folks that i might have just seen an occasional post or comment from in various baltimore communities, and now i’m all “hey! i know who that person is!”. i’m going to add a few to my friends list, but not tonight since i should get off to bed. i guess this is the heads-up for the folks who do see oboe_sama pop up on their “friend of” lists, that it’s just me, your friendly neighborhood globalglenn.

tomorrow (well, today) i’m going to be going to work only from 9am – 1pm, and then it’s off to dc for my first metro collective meeting! i should have put together a mini-portfolio, but i was lazy. i did update my personal website and photography site, though! i still can’t decide what to do with my fitzpatrickphotos site, though… should i use it more as a storefront for my business? or more as a portfolio/showcase? hrm. i think i like the way i have it now — if you go to, you get the storefront… but if you go to and click on “photography”, it takes you to the showcase. i just need to put more stuff up there.

you know, i’m stupid… when fullmetalpussy asked me in her interview if i had a website i wanted to tell folks about, WHY didn’t i think to mention either of these two sites?? instead i mentioned my flickr site and the metro collective thing. sigh.

tomorrow is also open skate! i can’t wait to be able to get my own gear…