#4583 – recappin' it

mmm, cider!

i watched “kiss kiss bang bang” tonight on cinemax and this was the first time in ages that i’ve been getting good hearty chuckles while watching a movie. i give it 5 stars! i want to find it on dvd now, it was that awesome and chucklearious!

so, the weekend!

saturday i helped out with doing photography for “ride for the feast”. it’s this 140-mile bike ride from rehoboth beach in delaware down to baltimore to help raise funds and awareness for people with HIV/AIDS and breast cancer, with the funds going to moveable feast, a charity that delivers meals to people with these diseases who might not otherwise be able to get good foods. lisa, lead singer for secret crush society asked me if i’d be willing to help take photos since their main photographer wouldn’t be there for the second half of the day, so i was happy to help out:

all of those photos are up here.

after that i went to skateland to help set up for roller derby. there’s a couple neat things that skateland did to make things a little easier for setup, such as having the track painted down on the floor now so we don’t have to mark out the track once and then layer PVC piping and tape on top of that track (the piping is to help give people an indication that they’re out of bounds when they roll over the bump). mistress may eye had also installed the charm city rollergirls’ logo in the center of the track. however, the logo actually has the rollergirl smoking a cigarette, and i guess it was left out of the logo that was installed to make things a little more family-friendly… so someone remedied that with a spare cigarette and some packing tape:

CCRG Bout 2 2007-05-21  017

unfortunately we can already see the logo getting all scuffed up and people getting gunk and grime on it from skating. we joked that a detail would have to be given logo-cleaning duty on tuesdays and thursdays where they’d scrub at it with toothbrushes, hahaha… we also joked that maybe it needs some pink velvet ropes around it (and then it could also function as the new “penalty pool”. it functioned as the penalty area for this bout, but no velvet ropes were used. oh well.

photos turned out pretty well… when i edit the photos i first go through all of the ones i took and pick out the best-looking ones from the bunch at a quick glance — this brought me from 500-600 photos down to about 150. then, i edit all of those photos i picked out, and if i see ones that don’t look as great as i thought then i remove them from the pack (which brought me down to about 100). after the edit, i go through the edited photos again and removed any more that didn’t seem to look as well as they probably could, and that brought me down to my final 74 photos that are uploading right this moment.

it’s funny, after looking at some of the photos, i can almost make a mental note that i don’t even need to try to photograph that person/scene ever again since i’ve now got a perfect photo that i can’t really improve upon that much more. when i saw this one of textureslut / justice feelgood marshall, i just thought to myself “that photograph is a winner, i’ve taken others, but that’s the best one yet.”:

CCRG Bout 2 2007-05-21  031

here’s all of the bout photos that i took. well, all the ones that aren’t on film, since i’ll have to actually wait and get those developed. oh, film.

it was a bit spooky at one point when annabel lechter fell and hurt her neck and had to be carted out on a backboard/stretcher; thankfully she’s doing better now. while she was hurt there was some somber music playing over the soundsystem and jimmy valentine, one of the announcers, remarked to dirty marty (the other announcer) how this music wasn’t really helping the mood and that something else a little less somber should probably be queued up, though he said that it doesn’t have to be replaced with “yakety sax”! i was standing next to the announcers’ table and almost bust up laughing when i heard him say that.

while we were leaving, either psycho 78 or buzz kill or ida reaper complimented me on my green ‘n white adidas with the goodyear rubber soles that look completely chav-tastic, but i like them and since i got a completely random compliment about them that only reaffirms that they were a good purchase, hahaha.

afterwards we all went to this restaurant down the street for post-game kibbles and beer. i’ll leave the editing of those photos until tomorrow. while we were at the bar i talked with dirty marty about my dilemma with derby names…

the dilemma with my derby name!

so i’m trying to figure out a good roller derby name and i’ve had a few kicking around and i can’t really make up my mind between two of them.

first, for your reference: the rollerderby name master list

the first name that i thought of was “elwood bruise”, but that’d be even more chuckles if i was 1) in chicago, and/or 2) had a short, fat guy who could be “jake bruise” so we could be the “bruise brothers”.

then i thought of “teddy bruise-a-velt”, which is also pretty chuckles, but i don’t know if i like how it looks. i just noticed there’s already an “eleanor bruisevelt” and i guess that’s a bit more logical spelling, but i’m not sure if i like that spelling either.

and then i started thinking how i’d like to have something a bit more baltimore-centric (since, you know, we’d be starting out as a BALTIMORE TRAVEL TEAM), and then i thought of being “the snallygaster” (or i could be even more hardcore and spell it as “the snällygäster”go umlauts!). what’s a snallygaster, you ask? well, peep here, here or the good ol’ wikipedia for more details (and if you think it’s fake, my dad’s found it in a dictionary, so there!).

i think if my name were “the snällygäster” then my number could be “93 octane” since it’s supposed to be fast and all. plus it’s got “gas” in the middle. the peanut gallery would probably also say that i’ve got “gas in the middle” too. 😛 the one con for choosing “the snällygäster” would be i’d end up having to explain to people what in the world it means every time i talk about it, but then again dirty marty claimed to have heard about it before, so maybe it’s not as obscure as i thought!

anyway, the reason why i talked with dirty marty about them was because it’s good to have one that the announcers can play off of, so that’s why i was getting his opinion. for instance, he liked the “teddy bruisevelt” one since then he could shout “BULLY!” and call me a “rough rider” and stuff like that, haha. but anyway…

so! “elwood bruise”? “teddy bruisevelt”? “the snällygäster”?? help me pick one out, or what would you suggest? eh, actually, i might as well go with “the snällygäster” since i like the way that looks the best. but still, what do you think, or do you have any other suggested ones? i bet troutman is all for “teddy bruisevelt”, hahaha…

i might send this over to htothem for the question for the day: if you could make a roller derby name for yourself, what name would you choose? (and for a challenge, you can’t repeat anything already in that master list!)

so then today i woke up and saw that my laptop was running on battery power though it was plugged in. it had been doing this off and on for the past few weeks and i thought the plug in the computer was losing connection, but when i unplugged the power cord it started smoking and hissing and there were a few sparks less than an inch away from my fingers, so i unplugged the cable from the outlet and took it to the apple store this afternoon after work.

well, first i picked up the oboe up in hunt valley. the lady who was selling it, her kids didn’t want to play it anymore (she’s got identical twin 15-year-olds who both decided on their own to play the oboe, but i guess at least one doesn’t want to do it anymore), so now i’ve got that. then i went to the apple store. unfortunately my applecare expired at the end of february, so i had to pay up for a new power adapter. $80! sheesh.

dad said in reply to my flickr post about the oboe that he might be able to help me out with funding the oboe, so that’s good news – it’ll help me be sure i’ve got the funds for paying for my hotel by the time i get to arizona las vegas on friday.

speaking of which, what’s the scoop for folks arriving there and schedules and places and things? i’m scheduled to arrive at 10:40pm on friday night and i’m staying at the super 8 motel on fremont and i’ve got no clue at all what’s going on. 🙁 🙁