#4573 – "be sure to drink your ovaltine?! son of a bitch!"

my friend asya emailed me a link to this game called “get the glass”; she said it was addictive, i think it’s just infuriating. i FINALLY got ALL THE WAY TO THE END after losing the game several times and it said “nope! in order to get the glass you have to guess the correct phrase, and be sure to ask nicely!” and had spaces like this:

— – ——

— — —–?

let me tell you now that it gives you 3 tries to get it right, and it’s not “MAY I PLEASE HAVE A GLASS?” (i didn’t notice the — — portion until i had typed through it and it won’t let you backspace), and it’s not “MAY I PLEASE GET OUR GLASS?” and it’s not “MAY I PLEASE GET THE GLASS?”


that does it, i’m not playing this game anymore. the “iron vines” getaway portion was horrible enough since it kept failing me just before i got to the finish line. it’s worse than “escape from rungistan”, i’d say, and that’s saying something! (if you’ve got a mac, get an emulator and try it for yourself).