#4548 – ghost world

uhh, what. (“see also: linux”?! wtf?!?)

that really belongs on moments_of_zen, but i’m lazy right now.


“You’re a beautiful girl, I couldn’t imagine you’d have any interest in me except as an amusingly cranky eccentric curiosity.”

so jenna told me she’d be at fletcher’s tonight with parker and some other friends for her birthday and suggested i come along. turned out she sent parker a text saying she couldn’t make it, so it was just parker, two guys she knows (one of them looked like a young keith moon, hah), myself, and then random people she knew in the bar stopping by to say hi. it was a little awkward… well, at least, i wasn’t really chatting but instead just sat back and observed everyone around.

above the bar that was across from us are some pipes mounted to the ceiling. around midnight / 12:30am this guy who looked like steve buscemi started dj-ing for some after-party (i guess the band upstairs had finished) and girls jumped up on the bar and got all freaky. apparently the pipes are there so that the girls can hold on and not fall off the bar.

plan is to meet up with folks for karaoke tomorrow.

you know what? i was in the mood to watch “the jerk”, and now i’m in the mood to pick up and watch “ghost world” as well. i’m also craving a ham sandwich and a cup of coffee, heh.