#4546 – who's got two thumbs and didn't fall on his ass?

who’s got two thumbs and didn’t fall on his ass when he got on roller skates tonight for the first time in 10-15 years?

this guy.

*cue appropriate hammer & coop icon*

(and you should really see the hammer & coop episodes if you haven’t yet, especially if you like 1) mini coopers, 2) “knight rider”, 3) 80s music, or 4) all of the above. i want to see if i can get some icons put together from it at some time.)

so i went to skateland from 8:30-9:30 for open skate with harm city homicide. i don’t think i did that bad of a job, especially in the not-falling department. some of the kids there are crazy kamikazes who bolt out right in front of you and you need to keep from bowling them over. those wheelie-shoes that kids wear and make you super-tempted to tip them over are annoying enough, but there’s no excuse for kid-tipping here because you’re on wheeled shoes too.

on the way back from skateland i got stuck in traffic on 95 for some road construction; the 4-lane highway had the two right-hand lanes closed for repaving or something. it was hilarious to see the car in front of me pull on to the shoulder to try to sneak ahead, and then to see the car behind me pull out on to the shoulder as well and reveal that it was really an undercover police car and bust the one that was ahead of me, bahahaha.

now that i’ve had me a shower it’s time to find some kibbles and bits and do some exam reviewin’.