#4545 – you've gotta be kidding me

the exam this morning went ok… it took me about 50 minutes to get through it (8 questions, 4 points each except for one 2-point question) and it was all questions about our labs. kind of lame, actually — i don’t remember all the details about every lab, so i had to b.s. my way through some parts and it was one of those jobs where you can’t tell if your was going to work.

stopped off at the grocery store on the way back and picked up some orange juice, bacon and shredded cheese and made myself a complete balanced breakfast.

i just spent the last hour watching episodes of “hammer & coop” though i should really do some studying / writing for my science class’ exam for tomorrow (i need to turn in a paper about an article i need to read online)… except now i’m feeling tired and lazy now and the o’s game is coming on in a few and i want to take a nap but i should really get to work so i can go to open skate tonight and not have to worry about writing my report later.