#4542 – heyyyy, what's new in baltimore?

so the girl, she’s apparently hosts a thursday-night karaoke shindig at this tiny bar in baltimore. i don’t think there were more than a dozen people in the place including the bartenders. i sang “north to alaska” by johnny horton, “squeeze box” by the who and “634-5789” by wilson pickett.

she sent me a text while i was at work about the karaoke and i thought she was getting some folks together to sing, so i told her earlier in the day that i’d be there late because of my class. she sent me a text just after i posted my last post to see if i was still coming, so it seems like she wanted to see me there. we didn’t really get a chance to talk in there, though. she and this older guy and i were leaving at the same time, but as i was walking out the door i thought they were right behind me, but apparently they stopped to chat with some of the other folks in there as they were leaving. she was also asking me when howl at the moon was going to have their “80s prom party”.

so, i don’t know what’s going on with this whole thing. hrm. bah, confusion! maybe i’ll try leaving her a message while i’m waiting for my car to get fixed tomorrow. hopefully it won’t take long or cost a lot to get my power steering fixed.

anyway, the older guy and i were talking about frank zappa and he clued me in that dweezil zappa is still doing his “zappa plays zappa” concert and will be coming to the rams head live venue in baltimore in august. i am THERE. that concert he did back in october was rockin’ and i can’t wait to see it again. maybe this time i can smuggle in my good microphones and recorder, muhahaha…