#4531 – it's not just for teeth anymore

i have to submit this science lab due tonight before i go out and about. the only problem is that this science lab (“planetary motion”) involves placing two push-pins in a piece of cardboard, tying a string in a loop, and placing a pen/pencil in the string and using that setup to trace an ellipse. then, move the foci of the ellipse and see how the shape of the ellipse changes.

push-pins? i stole ’em from my desk at work. >:D s’okay, i had hundreds, haha..

string? nope, don’t have that.

so, i’m using the next best thing: dental floss! i stuck the push-pins in my lab book, tied a piece of floss in a loop, and i’m using that to draw an ellipse. now my lab smells all minty.