#4527 – deez nuts

i’m trying and trying and TRYING to find the lj post i made years ago about a joke i made in my c++ programming class with john, but i can’t find it anywhere! DISAPPOINTING! so, i’ll have to recreate it:

prof. block was this very attractive and entertaining professor; this took place in one of the lecture halls on campus…

prof. block: “for your program, you have to design an innerface [“interface”]… does anybody know what an innerface is?”

class: *quiet*

prof. block: “c’mon, who can tell me what an innerface is??”

me: *to john* “it’s where i put DEEZ NUTS”

john: *DIES*

he later said that if either of us started laughing that it’d be game over right there, hahaha… he also said that it was the “best situational joke of the year” too, hahahaha.

at least now i can find THIS post since i titled it “deez nuts”. wonder where the other one got to?

while i poked through a bunch of posts from 8/2003 – 5/2005, i did come across some great classic posts and comments that i had totally forgot about. i like doing that occasionally, reading through old posts at random to see what i find… like this bad pun!

in other news, guess who’s got the phone number of a certain attractive ex-howl-at-the-moon waitress? apparently when i gave her my digits, they somehow stayed at howl at the moon when she got fired and so she hasn’t been able to give me a call. so, a few days ago she found me on myspace, and now a friend of hers is relaying messages on myspace for her while her internets are out (which is how i got her number, heh). looks like i won’t get a chance to give her a call until friday after work, though; got photography class tomorrow evening. 🙁

in other other news, i hope my payment transfer from work shows up in my bank account either thursday or friday; i’ve got propopdan‘s birthday to get to on friday night and my smartrip card and bank account are empty. 🙁