#4523 – unpimp my auto

my power steering fluid seems low, but not low enough that it’d be a problem. even if it was out, i can’t just pour in any ol’ power steering fluid, apparently. so, i left my car at the house and now i’m driving the family’s ol’ saturn until i get a chance to take my car into the shop. i poked around on today to see if i could find anything out… it seems that a bunch of people had their motors bust up around 50k miles, and i’m at 58k. so far it seems…

best case scenario: it just needs more / replacement power steering fluid

worst case scenario: the power steering motor burnt up and took the wiring harness with it (and costs $$$$$ to fix)

also, lolz myspace:

i should have picked up some extra sudafed from home when i was there tonight. *sniffle* *sneeze*