#4520 – baltimore? more like "smalltimore"!

today’s post will be funnier with some of the photos that i took today, so only read if you’re super-interested in what happened today… i’m going to post again tomorrow with photos once i’ve got them edited, but wanted to get this up while i was thinking about it and don’t have time tonight to edit pictures. took photos of antoinette (“black diamond”) in baltimore today – first she, her boyfriend zack and i went to the laundromat and the lady working at the laundromat yelled at me for taking photos inside the laundromat, even though all i took a photo or three of was antoinette and a washing machine that was in the frame!


me: “i wasn’t, i was photographing her!”

lady: “why?”

me: “i’m doing a photojournalism project, i’m following her around and taking pictures of her life”

lady: “well you should have asked first!”

me: “what? she knows i’m doing it!”

lady: “you should have asked US first!”

me: “there’s no sign that says i can’t!”

lady: “that’s why you should have asked! are you paparazzi??”

me: *trying not to laugh* “I WISH. THEN I’D BE GETTING PAID TO DO THIS!”

lady: “…you’re getting paid somehow!!”

us: *wtf does THAT mean???*

so then we sat in the corner while we waited for the laundry to run and i took stealthy shots with the camera on my lap and those didn’t turn out badly. APPARENTLY THE TERRORISTS WANT TO KNOW THE WORKINGS OF A LAUNDROMAT. APPARENTLY. that’s the only explanation i can think of. 😛 we played backgammon while we waited for the laundry to finish as well.

then we let antoinette’s dog out in her backyard for a bit and i chatted with zack while she got ready for the wedding. the wedding it self was super-chuckles, when they ascended the altar to exchange vows, the organ player played the beginning of the theme to “star wars”, I KID YOU NOT. that’s how super-chuckles it was. even this was on top of the cake:

so i chilled at the reception as “tommy firefly” and chatted with the folks at my table and hung out with antoinette and zack and took photos of folks. one guy recognized me at the reception from howl at the moon, bahahaha…

then we went to an after-party at the bride and groom’s house a few blocks away. the guy who recognized me was all about partying it up and was all “YO! WE NEED SOME MORE BEER!! WHO WANTS WHAT? WE NEED MORE MONEY, YO! ALL I’Z GOT IS A TWO-ZERO SPOT! LET’S GO ON A BEER RUN!”, but later he fell asleep in a chair with a beer in his hand. this guy who was keeping it real the entire time (he went to the wedding, reception and after-party in his street-thug clothes, hahaha) gave mr. party-hard a wet willie and mr. two-zero-spot didn’t even flinch:

mr. keeping-it-real: “yo! jason! clippers!”

jason (the groom): “what you want to do?”

mr. keeping-it-real: “shave part of his head!”

jason: “naw man, he’s gotta look sexy for his job.”

mr. keeping-it-real: “…how about half of his goatee??”

jason: “…yeah, that’ll grow back!”

sadly we had to leave before jason could find an extension cord for the clippers, oh well.

tomorrow: mini cooper run!