#4519 – the octomac

my nose is stuffed 🙁 darn cold/allergies/whatever!

i can’t wait to order an octomac, though. :D! (…and get paid for my photography at work this past week, grr.) this internship has me wanting to get my photo on (hard to do with a laptop that barely runs my photo editing stuff and is filled to the gills). i especially want to get back into the groove of scanning/editing film, but when i do anything with scanning film and this computer it practically goes kaput.


in other news, i would TOTALLY pay to see a sci-fi B-movie called “roller

girls from outer space” or “eight-wheeled vixens from venus”… the titles themselves are hilarious enough, just imagine what they’d be like as sci-fi B-movies! can you say “MST3k”? i knew you could!