#4518 – the scoop

ok, so here’s the details about my internship:

when we stopped for our mid-class break i went down the hall and bought myself a snickers bar from the vending machine, and went back up the hall to get a drink at the water fountain. while i was at the water fountain, my instructor came up to me and said “if you’re still interested in helping maintain the website for metro collective, well, you’re hired.” apparently his agency has 5 or 6 people, but only 4 of them are the core founders — he said that the majority of core founders need to agree in order for their agency to do something (unless it involves money, then it needs to be unanimous). he said he talked with two of the other guys and they said great, and apparently the fourth is in vietnam right now so whatever.

anyway, plan is for us all to meet up sometime in the next week or two so the folks in the agency can meet me and we can figure out what their new site system is going to be like. they’re going to send me their pictures and writeups and whatnot and it’ll be my job to massage the stuff they send me into the site.

we’re going to see about getting me some course credit with the school for the internship, and he said that a few months down the road they might be able to re-evaulate the relationship and see if i might be able to get paid for it. i figure at the very least it’s excellent networking (‘specially when i’m working with folks who have won accolades from the world press photo

while we were talking he was asking if i’ve got the necessary equipment and i was all “yeah, i’ve got my cable modem and laptop and stuff like that” and he mentioned something about someone scanning film and i impressed him with the specs of my film scanner.

so, here’s the folks in the agency:

  • j carrier
  • daniel cima
  • michael bonfigli (my instructor)
  • bill crandall
  • hector emanuel

    awesome. 🙂

    oh, and crazykiltman, there’s more live blogging of c-span that you might enjoy.


    (wow! don’t piss her off!)