#4515 – the two things we do best are drive and eat

this is the time of year where all the dc metro minis events start ramping up:


  • breakfast at tate mini
  • lunch at ws motorcars


  • “minis by the bay IV” run

    may 3-6:

  • minis on the dragon (which i can’t attend even though i originally reserved it off from work – stupid exams!)

    may 6:

  • “drive & dine” run from rockville through fredrick county

    may 19:

  • breakfast at mini of towson

    june 9:

  • “eastern shore twisty roads” run

    june 10:

  • “virginia beach guinness book world-record attempt” (breaking this record and stealing it from england!)

    …plus some more breakfasts, barbecues, parades, etc.! …damn, now i’m hungry. 🙁