#4513 – nice

that incident at virginia tech is a shame. 🙁 there’s really no other way to describe it.

work was ok. i gave them my invoice for friday’s photos (hopefully they’ll pay me soon, like tomorrow) and had my quarterly review for the first quarter. i’m doing ok, but there’s always room for improvement. i told my supervisor how i might want to work part-time, depending how this internship business works out. he said he’s going to see what he can figure out for positions in our department or elsewhere in headquarters. later, our associate director stopped by my desk to see how the “photography business” was going and told him how my instructor is encouraging me to try internships and that he’s trying to get me a position with the washington post. he was pretty impressed.

i came back to the apartment after work to find that narie had mailed me a postcard from nice (france)! i wasn’t expecting one, at least, not from nice. she said that she was going to go to italy but changed her mind. i like getting postcards, especially from other countries.

the orioles game tonight was great – we came from behind for a 9-7 win over tampa bay, and it was amazing because we were doing so bad at first.

mom sent an update about pap-pap tonight… he sounds like he’s doing a little bit better physically, but he’s not really himself. mom said that it seemed like he “just had his mind made up to slip away”…

I told him tonight, “Please, Dad. NOT THIS WEEK!” (I am obligated to work late every day; Carol’s Gaby is in an important part of a play, Ellen is tied up – please – not this week.) He said, “Okay. Only because you insist. I won’t go this week.”

i can kind of understand why he might be acting this way since he’s always been very independent.

oof, my throat is still killing me, i wonder if i caught something?