#4506 – more like "the pain of being awesome"

so i’m at the lo-fi social lounge in baltimore to see paigeyiscrazey and some of her art in a zombie-themed art show (with the charm city roller girls tending bar as a fundraiser). and then something like this happened…

me: “so where’s your art?”

paige: “see how that other room is kind of ‘L’ shaped? it’s kind of around the corner there.”

me: “ok, lemme go check it out…”

me: *inspects art, starts to make my way back to the original room i was in*

The Pain of Being Dead  001

girl #1: “it IS him!!”

me: “…?”

girl #2: “i think you’re right! hey, you’re glenn fitzpatrick aren’t you??”

me: “…?!? uh, yeah.”

girl #1: “i knew it! you come into howl at the moon ALL the time!! you’re awesome!”

me: “hah! it’s good to know i’ve got fans!”

girl #2: “yeah, and you gave me your number!”

me: “…i did?? i did!! i didn’t recognize you at first!” (holy crap it’s the waitress i couldn’t keep my eyes off last time i was there) “how have you been??”

girl #2: “i got fired.”

me: “…what??”

girl #1: “yeah, she got fired.”

me: “oh… i’m sorry to hear that.”

girl #2: *shrug*

girl #1: “but i still work there! my friends and i love it when you come to howl at the moon with all of your friends, you’re so adorable! and i love your glasses!”

me: “aww, gee… actually, i was considering getting laser eye surgery sometime…”

girl #1: “DON’T! you look so awesome with your glasses!”

girl #1: *to girl #2* “he comes in there all the time and he was up on stage singing ‘youuuu~~ got what i nee~~~eed~!”

me: “hahahahahah, yup, people didn’t believe i’d do it the first time, and the second time i had random people come up to me to see if i’d sing again, hahaha…”

girl #1: “here, have you had anything to drink yet?”

me: “uh, no – i just got here!”

girl #1: “here, have some of my rum ‘n coke… now go get yourself some booze!”

me: “funny too… i’ve got a happy hour at howl tomorrow!”

girl #1: “…then i’ll see you there! and i’ll be all ‘glenn fitzpatrick? high five!’, hahah… you’ll have to come down and chat with me, i get so bored downstairs now”

me: “hah, i will!”

later i was talking with paige and her friends when i saw girl #2 bring someone else in the room and talk and point at me from across the room so i started waving, and before both of the girls left for the evening they seeked me out again to say goodbye, heh.

photos of the event are up here.

i think tomorrow i’m going to wear my “local celebrity” shirt, hahahaha…