#4503 – it's hard for me to say where my skillz end and my ego begins

today at work i couldn’t make up my mind if i should listen to classic rock stuff or if i should listen to rap ‘n hip-hop. thank god i didn’t need to compromise!

so i went to my photojournalism class and talked with my instructor about internships and he said it’s good to have all these options available. so far there’s…

  • patuxent publishing company
  • the washington post
  • the annapolis capital (and the other gazette newspapers)
  • the baltimore business journal
  • website maintenance for my instructor

    (one of my classmates works at the baltimore business journal — when he overheard me talking with our instructor about internships he said that they have a budget for an intern and he was wanting a photography intern, so that’d be neat.)

    i just need to get a portfolio together so i can start sending it out. my instructor said generally 20-40 photos should do it, and it should be a mix of all sorts of things. eep… hearing stuff like that makes me nervous in that i don’t know if i’ve got a good enough variety or what people would be looking for — i mean, what exactly should i be putting in this thing??

    then again, my instructor said that an internship would be good for me to get in the door but he doesn’t know how much stuff i’d learn from the photographers in the business since i’m “already better than they are” (is that true? i mean, i know i got skillz, but it’s hard for me to say where my skillz end and my ego begins). once i get a portfolio put together then he and i can start sending that out.

    tomorrow night after work i need to drop the car off in annapolis so it can get new brake-pads installed on saturday, and then i need to head up into baltimore for the “pain of being dead” art show so i can see my friend paige who moved up to new york city a few weeks ago and is coming back down for the show, and so i can also take pictures of the event and the charm city roller girls at the event for my project.

    (sweet deal, they have a season pass option for roller derby tickets?? BUYS!)

    saturday will be busy… assuming everything goes as planned (which it probably won’t):

  • 8:30-11:15 am — breakfast-league curling (assuming i get my butt out of bed in time
  • 1:00-2:30 pm — shenanigans in dc with mersipan and PDADC (assuming it doesn’t rain)
  • head back into annapolis, get my car from the repair shop, go into baltimore
  • get haircut
  • 5:30 pm – ??? —howl at the moon (don’t forget, folks who wanted to go!)

    sunday will have me driving up to nyc to visit a certain thisiseverybody and feisty_fitz and teaching tina how to use my flash.