#4501 – on the record and off the rink

"Mistress May Eye" of the Junkyard Dolls removes some masking tape marking off the bottom edge of a freshly-applied vinyl decal.

took photos of “mistress may eye” and “berzerker” today doing their day job designing/constructing/applying signage… today they were applying a vinyl decal to the front of a transport bus for city lites limousine. the limousine company appeared to be a mom ‘n pop operation — the garage with all of their vehicles (two limos, a transport coach and a few different classic cars) is actually behind their house. when i arrived, the wife led me into the garage and said “he said he’s a photographer with playboy” prompting the husband to say “you were a photographer with playboy?? what happened, did you wake up?”, hahaha.

i wish though that i had brought along my audio recorder since i actually thought up and asked some pretty good questions and got some pretty good answers that i had never thought about before. my photojournalism instructor had told us that he didn’t really want us to be doing anything like magnum in motion since most of us were still learning about the basics of photojournalism and that he didn’t want us to stretch ourselves too thin and to concentrate more on our photography. some of the questions/answers that i remember:

q. i bet you really hate getting all bruised up, right?

a. it’s not the bruises so much as the broken stuff — broken legs, ankles… cortisone shots… dislocated shoulders. they actually try to fall in a certain way to keep from landing on their skates and i heard about odd-shaped bruises from people falling and landing on top of the wheels of their skates.

q. do you have any superstitions before a match?

a. no “superstitions”, per se, but there’s rituals that they do before each match. “berzerker” said she rides with the same people on the way to the match, and they always stop at the same spot each time to get gatorade. “mistress may eye” said she has to drive by herself and that she drives like a maniac to the rink. if they didn’t do that same thing each time then they’d feel weird since their rituals get them in the right mindset and psyched up for the match. and, as for getting psyched up, “mistress may eye” said she gets a little antsy while waiting for her name to be called during introductions and skates around in circles while waiting for her name to be called. other than that, she doesn’t pay attention to the crowd. “berzerker” noted that she gets more psyched up for matches elsewhere against other leagues, but mostly because she doesn’t know who will try to hurt her (she pretty much knows who in her own league will try, though). once she gets hit, though, then she’s fine for the rest of the match since she knows who to keep an eye out for.

we also brainstormed about different girls in the league that might let me follow them around… there’s one who designs clothes for strippers (hahaha), an administrative nurse, an arbitrator, and a physical trainer as well as a few others. they’re also going to see about letting me come to one or two of their practices (apparently some people showed up to take photos at practices before with the goal of taking some crotch shots and the girls got pretty upset about that so now there’s special waivers for that sort of thing — “that sort of thing” being photography, not the taking of crotch-shots — so they can beat up on the folks who try to crotch-shot their practices), and when i told them of my instructor’s idea of what their locker room is like they thought i’d be able to take photos in there during the intermission when they discuss strategies. so we’ll have to see how these plans develop.

oh, and that girl i talked to yesterday about an internship? i found her photos from the game online now.

in other news, why do i feel like it’s wednesday?