#4500 – just some excuses

you know what? i’m polish. i should start celebrating some of my culture more… then again, st. dyngus day is probably just an excuse to get girls in wet shirts. not that i don’t think girls in wet shirts are not an important part of my culture, oh no, of course not.

so i went to the baseball game today for some good ol’ orioles baseball action, and the whole outing was good times:

first i drove to the light rail station in glen burnie so i could take the train on in to baltimore and not have to worry about parking. unfortunately i did have to worry about parking — the parking area was all filled up!

while i was waiting for the light rail train to arrive i saw this girl with all these cameras waiting as well, and once the train arrived at camden yards i was walking alongside her as we departed the station. i noticed that she had all these press credentials clipped to her camera equipment and that one of her credentials was for the capital-gazette — i had actually been looking at the capital’s webpage this morning to see if i could find out any info on internships, but i couldn’t find any details. she was talking on her phone to someone to find out what entrance she should go in or where she should go, and while i was starting to get into the will-call line to get my ticket i saw her find an usher at an entrance into the warehouse and ask him how to get to wherever she was trying to go.

once she finished talking with the usher i ran over to her…

me: “excuse me? this might sound kind of weird, but i’m a photojournalism student, and i noticed your credentials for the annapolis capital… my instructor is trying to get me an internship with the washington post, but he also recommended trying to get an internship with the gazette newspapers. do you have any suggestions how i might go about getting such an internship?”

she gave me her card and asked where i go to school and told me that though they don’t pay for their internships it’s still very worthwhile. she wrote down her boss’ name, pointed out the number for the office where i could call, and suggested that i could even just email her my portfolio and she’d forward it accordingly. she also said not to make the same mistake that other folks do and send a portfolio with all these artsy pictures since that’s not what they’re looking for; try to keep them straightforward, news oriented.

i looked her up online to find some samples of her photography.

(interesting thing is i was already only 1 “degree” away from her since she used to work with phil hoffman who i know and used to kind of work with when i interned at the naval academy.)

when i got home and told mom about it she asked “is she cute, and is she married??” – my response was “yeah, she was cute, and she was wearing gloves” which confused mom until she realized that meant i couldn’t tell if she was wearing a wedding ring or not. turned out when i searched for her name on google to find what her photos are like i found her flickr account which says she’s “female and taken”, so oh well. but at least i was able to get a step closer to a photography internship! now i just need to put together a portfolio.

so then i went into the ballpark for the baseball game and went into the fan assistance center. last year they were giving out bobbleheads of brian roberts and melvin mora; after each orioles win brian and melvin and / or miguel tejada do a sort of high-five hand-jive called “the move”, and the bobbleheads for brian roberts and melvin mora were set up as if they were doing “the move”. well, due to issues with the production of the brian roberts bobbleheads, the orioles gave out IOUs for all fans at the game instead of just the 25,000 fans that would have received the bobbleheads, and said that the coupon could be redeemed in/after september. lucky for me they still had them available! now i’ve got the second half to my set.

the game itself was great. though it was 44 degrees i wasn’t cold (yay dressing in layers!), and the orioles won 6 – 2! when the announced the team they had some kid they had chosen from the fans today at random to represent all the fans for the year and had him run out at the end of the starting lineup:

The 10th Man

i didn’t really take any photos of the game itself, only the opening ceremonies. i figured i wouldn’t really get many photos that i hadn’t already taken from my vantage point, and since i had my baseball glove with me i put that on and enjoyed the game.