#4497 – intern

Thanks for the update. I think it would be a good idea to look into the internship at the again. I could find out who is responsible for applications for that position if you don’t already know. Not sure if they require any video experience or video portfolio. But if you could put together a solid still photography portfolio that would be great too.

For more traditional photojournalism internships you may want to look into the Patuxent Publishing company, the Gazzette papers and some of the Virginia papers if you want to stay in the area. Otherwise Concord N.H. paper has one of the best internships in the country. (I know the editor there).

Now, for a more unconventional internship. Metrocollective (the agency I am part of) may looking for an intern/assistant . The website is a few weeks from launching and we will need someone to maintain the site. But we will also be doing interesting work similar to Magnum in Motion videos. If you are interested in finding out more about working with MetroCollective let me know. Similar to Metro will not be a paying internship but could offer a great learning experience. Bill and Hector are also members.

so i might be getting an internship with the washington post, or i might be working for my photography instructor… exciting! i’ll have to look into these in more depth later.