#4496 – product of my environment

wanna know what i did today? i was looking at girls’ butts.

hanging out in the subway, looking at girls’ butts…

looking at girls’, looking at girls’, looking at girls’ butts.

…riding on the escalator, looking at girls’ butts.

…waiting for the elevator, looking at girls’ butts.

“girlz buttz (feat. dj potatoe)” by thomas howard lichenstein (3.5 MB mp3)

so the other day i was in the metro riding up the escalator with some girl riding up in front of me. i did what anybody would probably do – i absent-mindedly started whistling “fat bottom girls” by queen (having her butt in my face was probably subliminal), but all i was able to whistle was the “ohhhhh can you” bit of the “ohhhhh can you take me home tonight” bit at the beginning before i caught what i was doing. let me tell you, it’s hard to act nonchalantly after whistling three notes seemingly at random!

earlier tonight…

“damn it feels good to be a glennster”… why didn’t i ever think of that before?

*changes his name on myspace* 😛

i’m hoping my photography instructor can help me find an internship; today we had a friend of his talk to us about photography, and our instructor said that he might be able to help us out in getting an internship. apparently the washington post pays (quite well, actually), but does not (it was organized in virginia so the union couldn’t force them to pay interns there like they pay interns for the newspaper). i sent an email to my instructor, we’ll see what he might be able to help figure out…