#4492 – what is "a flying teddy roosevelt", alex?

for troutman, crazykiltman, and anybody else who likes teddy roosevelt, baseball, and/or internet lolz:

he falls through the air with a smile sublime, that zany president on his wire zipline:

the milwaukee brewers have the racing sausages, and i’m sure other teams have something similar.

the washington nationals have the “president race” – george washington, thomas jefferson, abe lincoln, and teddy roosevelt. here’s a typical race:

poor teddy roosevelt hasn’t won a race. not once. i’ve heard he’s tried to cheat by zooming in on a golf cart (and was disqualified), but still… he’s never won a race.


dcist has a great little bit about it… go on and read it: nats opener pushes teddy to the brink

and now, from… here’s the video!