#4490 – masn is a four-letter word

woohoo, go orioles! 😀

unfortunately, they’re no longer broadcast on comcast sportsnet (in all its hi-def glory), and now they’re on the mid-atlantic sports network (masn) which doesn’t broadcast in hi-def and have pretty much announced that they have no plans to do so. ARGH.

i have to say, though the tv is all shiny and fancy and hi-def-y, with the mid-atlantic sports network not broadcasting in hi-def it’s like the old saying “no matter how hard you try, you can’t polish a turd.” this video and audio quality is horrible! the commercials actually look and sound better than the game!

unfortunately i can’t watch the simulcast on espn2 (which IS in hi-def) because of the local broadcast blackout. *grumble*