#4487 – the $690 push of a button

You’ve got to know when to hold ’em

Know when to fold ’em

Know when to walk away

Know when to run

well, rather than compromise my journalistic integrity by making stuff up for my article that would be due in 3 1/2 hours, and after looking over some of my recent grades, i’ve withdrawn from my “writing for the mass media” course. that thing was more intensive than i was expecting and probably deserves a semester all to its own or maybe with one other course, not during a 10-credit semester while working, no way. even in a posting when we had to write what we thought about the class so far, there were so many people who replied how it was much tougher than they expected. it certainly took me by surprise…

my reasoning was that if i made up stuff for the assignment, then i might pull off a passing grade in the class at the expense of my integrity. if i half-assed it with what i currently have, then i know my grade wouldn’t be that good and right now my grades are just south of the border (and i don’t mean that “south of the border”) and i know i wouldn’t be able to recover from another stinker (what gets me is that a few of my grades would have been a B or a C, but i was scored maybe a half of a percent under those thresholds. what a tease!). so, i withdrew!

in other news, today i was at fanfest at oriole park and got some decent pictures (i think… i haven’t checked them out yet). fanfest was good but way understaffed for the food. it took me probably about 20 minutes to get a hot dog for lunch, they were that unorganized. probably took me 2 minutes to eat the damn thing. *grumble*

afterwards i went to the sports legends museum (thanks to 4theloveof_brob‘s tip that admission was 50% off with your fanfest ticket) and it’s easily one of the most interesting museums i’ve been to. it’s not just all baseball stuff (though it’s got a lot about baseball and the orioles since it is the orioles’ “official” museum), but it’s got stuff about the negro leagues and the baltimore colts and the baltimore blast and even college sports in the state. i’ll have to go back again, it was that awesome. i think my dad would definitely enjoy it. bruno_boy would probably get some chuckles out of the babe ruth section.

plus, i’m not ashamed to admit i almost started bawling at the section in the basement with stuff from memorial stadium. good ol’ memorial stadium. 🙁

so then i went into the inner harbor. (well, not into the harbor, ha! ha! :P) i tried to get some quotes for my paper, but that didn’t work out. while i was there i saw some dude all cracked out laying down on some steps in the inner harbor and he’d get up occasionally and grunt and moan incoherently and lay back down. some lady in a suit walked by me while she was on the phone and i heard her say “i don’t look as drunk as i sound.” that’s baltimore for you! walked through the inner harbor, up federal hill, back down through the federal hill neighborhood, and back through the inner harbor. there’s a sailing ship from sweden docked there for a few days and they did some sort of swedish sailing ritual where they made the guys dress in drag and then they all did things like sack-races with giant garbage bags in a park next to the harbor. walked around some more before heading back to the car and back to the apartment. my legs feel like they are going to fall off.