#4482 – overextended, unfortunately

work was alright today, but i was glad when it was over. unfortunately the weekend is just too short.

spoothed and i were going to hang out tonight but more pressing matters took precedence. unfortunately i put off the stuff i should have been doing, like interviewing people today for my class (yeah, i’m bad)… i’ll have to try interviewing in the morning seeing as i need to write a paper about it for sunday night.

i need new brake pads for my car. unfortunately i don’t know when i’ll be able to take it in to get new ones.

i have all this schoolwork i ought to be working on. unfortunately, none of it interests me.

i need to schedule a time to photograph these rollergirls. unfortunately i may have to take a day off of work just to photograph (unless they’ll be free on the morning of april 9, then i can take photos before the baseball game that day since i’ve got that day off).

i also need to look up details about photographing on the national mall for work. and give them a price quote for photographing two upcoming events.

i need to try to find a flight to las vegas. unfortunately i can’t stay as long as i’d like, and the flights i find are too much for me at the moment, even after getting paid today. hooray rent and bills! 😛

on the bright side, i got my yearly raise at work yesterday… if you can call it a “raise”. 3.5 cents on the dollar probably barely keeps up with inflation. 😛

*falls asleep*